Politico: Bill O’Reilly: Marco Rubio immigration plan ‘good,’ ‘fair’ By Breanna Edwards January 16, 2016 BuzzFeed: Immigration Reform Moves Forward In White House Meeting With Hispanic Caucus By Ruby Cramer January 16, 2013 Roll Call: Leahy Sets Guns, Immigration and Domestic Violence as Judiciary Committee Priorities By Joanna Anderson January 16, 2013 Miami Herald (Opinion):… Continue »

At a speech this morning to the Georgetown University Law Center, Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Patrick Leahy (D-VT) discussed committee priorities this term such as immigration.  From the Legal Times blog today: The Senate Judiciary Committee will dedicate most of its time this spring to comprehensive immigration reform, including changes for technology companies and agricultural… Continue »

From Laura Misjak at the Lansing State Journal today: This is the year for immigration reform and Lansing-area activists are joining forces with others throughout the nation to demand paths to citizenship for undocumented immigrants and ways to reunite families torn apart by deportation. Taking a stand in freezing temperatures on the front steps of… Continue »

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Cross-posted at Huffington Post. After the president’s resounding reelection over his Massachusetts-based challenger, many pointed to the president’s performance among Latino voters as critical. The president had won close to a record percentage of Latino voters for a candidate from his party, a crucial fact in an election featuring the greatest-ever number of Latino voters.… Continue »

New developments in the immigration debate offer fresh evidence that immigration reform that creates a roadmap to citizenship for 11 million immigrants is going to be a top priority in 2013. Among the key developments: White House Gears Up:  A front-page piece from Julia Preston in the Sunday New York Times states that, “President Obama… Continue »

The religious and evangelical community have been longtime supporters of immigration reform and today, members of the Evangelical Immigration Table launched a renewed effort to push Congress to pass legislation. According to Jaweed Kaleem at the Huffington Post today: The Evangelical Immigration Table, which includes members of World Relief, Bread for the World, Christian Community… Continue »

The restrictionist Center for Immigration Studies held a panel this morning digging in their heels and trying to convince America why we should not progress forward with immigration reform.  Entitled “Amnesties: Past, Present, and Future,” the panel featured three of their staff members (can it be called a panel if everyone on it is from your organization? … Continue »

Cross-posted at MomsRising: Immigration reform will be a top legislative priority this year, and it won’t be some vague policy or philosophical change that we’re asking for.  The coming battle to change our immigration policy is personal, and we fight it every day to protect our mothers, fathers, children, and family members. Last week was… Continue »

At Crooks and Liars, Dave Neiwert has an excellent post titled “The Coming Fight on Immigration Reform: What Progressives Want.”  He lays out a very clear agenda, setting the stage for the upcoming immigration debate from a position of strength. Given the results of the 2012 election, the fact that the American people want reform, Democrats… Continue »