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WATCH: DREAM Youth and Military Veterans Rally at U.S. Capitol

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Continuing a week of impassioned action to urge the Senate to pass the DREAM Act, scores of DREAMers, along with military veterans, marched on the sunny (and frigid) lawn in front of the U.S. Capitol to demonstrate their commitment to serving the country they call home. As youth leader Alina Cortes said, she and others are asking for “just the opportunity to serve my country, the country that I love, the country whose language I speak…and the only country I call home.”

Watch video of DREAMer Alina Cortes and Sergeant Tomas Robles:

Military leaders have repeatedly agreed – passing the DREAM Act is good for national security. Watch Michael Nazario speak on what service to our nation means to him:

To demonstrate their patriotism and love of country, several young people sang our national anthem. Voices may have warbled a bit in the freezing temperatures, but their love of this country they call home is unwavering: