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Video Blog: DAPA-Eligible California Families Discuss How The Lawsuit Delay Has Affected Their Lives

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Yesterday, immigrant families and advocates from nearly 20 states rallied in the streets in support of DAPA, a program that would protect millions of immigrants from deportation and allow them to apply for work permits.

Activists gathered in states including Nevada, Texas, New York, and California, where AV’s Maria Ponce spoke to several DAPA-eligible immigrants and registered voters about how the program’s delay, following a GOP-led lawsuit from 26 states, has affected their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

In a Spanish-language clip, one woman discussed the lawsuit setting back not only her own future, but her daughter’s as well:

“It’s affected me personally because I can’t carry out my dreams, or my daughter’s dreams. We have many plans. I don’t want to keep living in the shadows, and my children shouldn’t have to either. It’s very frustrating that the program the President promised in November can’t be implemented, and I just hope the judge has a solution.”

In a second Spanish-language clip, another woman talks about how DAPA could help her send her son to college:

“It’s affected me because I haven’t been able to find a job where I could earn a little more for my children. I am a single mom, and I am always thinking about their futures. One of my sons, the older one, is going to college soon, so my only wish is to be able to work and earn a better wage so that we can move forward.”

In two English-language clips, registered voters with undocumented family members and friends slam the Republican attack on DAPA and hardworking immigrants with deep roots in the U.S.: