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Utah Governor: “Constitutional Concerns” Over Using National Guard As Trump’s Deportation Force

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Donald Trump’s first 100 days are coming to a close, and they have been anything but good for his racist and dysfunctional administration. From his dismal approval ratings to back-to-back defeats of his Muslim Ban, Donald Trump continues to inspire Americans across the country to fight back against his toxic and un-American proposals.

Last month, U.S. citizens and immigrants launched petitions in seven states urging their state’s governors not to mobilize the National Guard as part of Donald Trump’s Deportation Force. The result was over 53,000 petition signatures being collected, and delivered, to Governors in the states of Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah.

Utah Governor: “Serious constitutional concerns” about National Guard for immigration enforcement

One of those Governors, Republican Gary R. Herbert of Utah, responded to the 1,900+ petition signatures that were delivered to his office by writing a letter addressed to Ciriac Alvarez, a DREAMer and artist based out of Salt Lake City. Governor Herbert expressed his support for the immigrant community of Utah — saying that the state of “Utah has always been a very welcoming state for refugees, for immigrants. [Utah] appreciates the diversity they bring, and certainly they are part of the fabric of [the state].”

However, in a surprising break with Donald Trump, Governor Herbert also expressed “serious constitutional concerns about activating the National Guard” as part of Trump’s mass deportation agenda. Nothing like a Republican Governor telling Donald Trump that he will not help round up and deport the immigrants that contribute to his state.

Hey Donald, are you tired of winning yet?

The full letter from Governor Herbert can be seen below, as well as a tweet from when Ciriac mailed her MoveOn.org petition to his office last month.

Utah Governor Gary R. Herbert Responds to Trump's Mas Deportation Proposal to use State National Guard