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UPDATED: The Obama Administration Shamelessly Plans to Deport the Two Central Americans Teens Detained on Their Way to School

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UPDATE: Yefri Sorto was issued a last minute stay of deportation, but remains in detention. Pedro Salmeron’s deportation to El Salvador remains imminent. We need to keep calling ICE to keep pressure on immigration officials to stop Pedro’s deportation and release both young men from detention right away.

Two North Carolina teens are in danger of being deported back to violence tonight.

Pedro Salmeron, 18-years-old, and Yefri Sorto, 19-years-old, have been held by ICE since being arrested on their way to school in North Carolina. And, we’re learning that ICE is setting the stage to put them on a plane back to El Salvador unless there is an intervention from advocates tonight.

As the National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild noted, “both have parents living in the US. Neither received adequate legal representation the first time around. Their new attorneys are filing motions to reopen their cases, but the Obama Administration wants to deport them before they get a chance to proceed.”

Both young men face imminent danger if they are deported. Pedro witnessed his cousin mutilated and decapitated by gangs, and both Pedro and Yefri are in rightfully in fear for their lives if they are sent back.

The Obama Administration is trying to make a lesson out of these two young men in order to prevent other young refugees from coming, but that sort of policy is plain wrong and will only result in more death and tragedy.

Please call DHS immediately at 202-282-8203 and tell them to stop Pedro and Yefri’s deportation!

We’ll update this blog post with more information as soon as it is available.