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UPDATE: New Polling Released on Latino Voters in Nevada, Florida; Live-Stream of Panel Discussion Now

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In key swing states like Florida and Nevada — and at the national level — Latino and new citizen voters are changing politics.  While they care about the same issues as all Americans, they have a unique and personal connection to the immigration debate that shapes their political views.

This afternoon from 5-7 PM EST, political analysts, immigrant advocates, and community leaders will discuss the politics of immigration and the Latino vote in two live-streamed events held at the University of Miami and the University of Las Vegas.

During the events, we will release brand-new polling of Latino voters in Florida and Nevada, conducted by Latino Decisions for America’s Voice.  A diverse panel of experts will analyze the findings and assess how Latino voters and the immigration issue will shape the Presidential, Senate, and House races in these states and beyond.  Here are some questions they will answer:

Can Mitt Romney overcome his hardline immigration positions and meet his campaign’s ambitious goal of 38% of the Latino vote, in Florida and nationwide?

Can Barack Obama build a strong enough case about his immigration record to energize and mobilize the Latino and immigrant community here and across the country? 

How will the issue of immigration reform impact the U.S. Senate and key House races in Florida?

What do Latino voters think about Governor Rick Scott’s efforts to scrub the voter rolls for ineligible voters?

Click here for prior polling of Florida Latino voters and Nevada Latino voters.

You can watch the live-streams below!  Live-streams will be live from 5-7 PM EST.



Casey Klofstad, Political Science Professor, University of Miami (Moderator)
Marc Caputo,
Reporter, Miami Herald
Darío Moreno,
Political Science Professor, Florida International University
Gaby Pacheco,
Immigrant Rights Leader
Frank Sharry,
Executive Director, America’s Voice
Jonathan Rodrigues,
Organizer, Florida New Majority

Click here for brand-new polling of Florida Latino voters.

Video streaming by Ustream



Lynn Tramonte, Deputy Director, America’s Voice (Moderator)
David Damore,
Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Nevada-Las Vegas
Andres Ramirez,
President, Ramirez Group
Leo Murrieta,
Nevada State Director, Mi Familia Vota
Astrid Silva,
Founding Member, DREAM Big Vegas

Click here for brand-new polling of Nevada Latino voters.

Video streaming by Ustream

We’ll also be live-tweeting @americasvoice.