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Tim Griffin is One of 27 House Republicans to Support Immigration Reform and a Path to Citizenship

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Meet Rep. Tim Griffin, a Republican from Arkansas’ 2nd Congressional district–a former RNC staffer, Bush White House aide, US Attorney, sophomore Congressman, and supporter of immigration reform with a path to citizenship.

Back in July, Griffin appeared on Capitol View with Roby Brock and David Goins, where he talked about his support for immigration reform:

BROCK: Do you support a pathway to citizenship for those who are here illegally?

GRIFFIN: I support a pathway to legal status, and once they are legal, those individuals, then they can get behind the people who have been legally following the rules and they can pursue citizenship.

Watch the video below:

Griffin’s interview makes him one of at least 27 House Republicans to be on the record supporting immigration reform with a path to citizenship.  Combined with the 200 House Democrats who would support such a plan, immigration reform currently has more than enough votes to sail through the House.  In addition, the Weekly Standard identified 84 House Republicans who support legal status at the very least for immigrants, a number of whom are very likely to also be in favor of a path to citizenship but have not yet gone on (or been discovered on) the record about it.

The chief obstacle remains Speaker Boehner, who refuses to allow a vote on immigration unless a majority of House Republicans agree with the policy.  As House Republicans continue to come forward, however, it is unclear how long Boehner will insist on withholding legislation that 88% of Americans support in order to please a minority of one-half of one-third of the US government.