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Thousands March in Downtown Dallas in Support of Immigration Reform

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Yesterday, thousands of people joined a march in downtown Dallas in support of immigration reform and against Donald Trump’s mass deportation policy.

The “Dallas Mega March” drew more than 3,000 rally-goers and included human rights activist Martin Luther King III and Congressmen Joaquin Castro and Beto O’Rourke. Marchers walked for nearly 1.5 miles before rallying at Dallas City Hall.

Rally-goers were asked to bring American flags and wear red, white, and blue “because this is really about America’s values,” according to one event organizer. People who came said they wanted to express the idea that this was their country too, that children deserve to go to school without fear of losing a parent, that families shouldn’t have to live in fear of having to leave, and that the profiling of Muslims and other people of color was discriminatory.

As Rep. Joaquin Castro said to the crowd during the rally:

In every generation there has been an immigrant in this country who has been disrespected, who has been challenged and tried. In every generation there have been politicians who have tried to divide Americans and turned them against each other, who have tried to turn the people against immigrants. … But in every generation there have been … people like yourself who have stood up and have said, ‘No, that’s enough, we have to treat people with respect.’

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