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Tea Party Leader Rebecca Forest Says Hispanic Legislators in Texas “Are Part of Our Problem”

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News Taco reports that Tea Party leader and founder of the Immigration Reform Coalition of Texas, Rebecca Forest, stated that Hispanic legislators are the reason enough anti-immigration legislation hasn’t passed this legislative season. Her solution to the “problem?” Get rid of them:

“If you want to know why we can’t pass legislation in Texas it’s because we have 37, no 36, Hispanics in the Legislature. All of the states that have passed legislation have a handful and I mean literally, some of them have no Hispanic legislators, well, maybe 3 or 5 or something. So that’s, umm, part of our problem and we need to change those numbers.

She goes on to say that Hispanic legislators are too close to the “problem” and that they “simply cannot vote their conscience correctly.”

Watch the video below:

Rebecca Forest is in for a treat. Latest polling shows that immigration is the issue driving the Latino vote. And the US census reports that between 2000 and 2010, the Hispanic population grew over four times faster than the overall population in the South (that includes Texas), and 12 times faster in the Midwest. In fact, the Hispanic population is growing way faster than any other demographic in the country.  According to Sam Stein at the Huffington Post:

In 2004, 5.1 million Hispanics voted for Democratic candidates, 4.3 million for Republicans. In 2008, the ratio changed, with 7.8 million voting Democratic and 3.6 million voting Republican, according to data compiled by New Policy Institute.