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Rep. Mary Bono Mack: I'm Busy Right Now, But I'll "Try My Hardest to Speak to Latino Voters" After November

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Between Otto Reich’s comments that Latino voters are not supporting Mitt Romney because they “are not well-informed” and Rep. Mary Bono Mack’s comments to the Desert Sun today, Republicans are coming up with more and more excuses for the fact that they’re not doing better with Latino voters.  In Mack’s case, she’s not even trying.

Mack started out meaning well enough at the Indian Wells Rotary Club today, when she said that Republicans need to do a better job with voter outreach to Latinos.  “We’re missing a big opportunity,” she said, according to the Desert Sun.  “Most Latinos understand that centralized government, big government institutions are not the way to go.”

But when pressed, Mack admitted that it wouldn’t be her helping Republicans with Latino voter outreach —not before November, anyway:

Still, the Palm Springs Republican — facing her first Latino challenger [Democrat Raul Ruiz] – indicated she won’t be taking advantage of that opportunity in the next two weeks.

“I pledge that after November, I will try my hardest to speak to Latino voters,” Bono Mack said. “This election, I’m a little bit hamstrung. But I will do my best. Because I think that they deserve the attention that we need to give them.”

We have to wonder when exactly Mack is going to make time to listen to the priorities of Latino voters.  It wasn’t in 2010, when she and her husband, Rep. Connie Mack IV (R-FL), both voted against the DREAM Act that came to a vote in Congress.  She’s not bothering to make time for Latino voters right now.  So given that her Congressional seat in California’s 45th District is about 18% Hispanic —when?