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Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) is One of 28 House Republicans to Support Immigration Reform, Citizenship

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Yesterday, we wrote about Rep. Tim Griffin (R-AR), a House Republican that we’ve recently discovered supports immigration reform with a path to citizenship.  Today, we’re writing about another–Rep. Justin Amash, of Michigan, who makes the 28th House Republican known to be supporting reform and citizenship.

In August, Amash–the son of immigrants–was holding a town hall when a constituent asked him about his support of immigration reform.  His answer touched on legal immigration before addressing the 11 million here without papers.  “Nobody’s going to deport them,” he said, before adding:

You have to find a way to give them legal status over a long period of time. Once they’ve obtained legal status—so there’s a path to legal status—then they are treated like anyone else who is here as a legal resident. If they want to obtain citizenship, they’re not put ahead of anyone else. They’re treated like anyone else who came here legally.

Watch the video below, courtesy of C-Span: