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“Qué Pasa” in Immigration Reform: Protests Against Deportations, Clinton-Castro 2016, and the ENLIST Act

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“Qué Pasa” is our weekly roundup of  news, opinion, and links from Spanish-Language online news publications:

Hola Cuidad: Protests against a deportation

Ricardo Lugardo, who was detained for driving over the speed limit and refusing to take a sobriety test, is scheduled to be deported. He was found guilty and put on probation for a year, but immigration officers decided to detain him and plan on deporting him. Immigration authorities claim that they detained him in order to keep the community safe, but many friends, family, and activists have protested and sent letters to ICE officials to free Lugardo.


America’s Voice: Clinton-Castro 2016?

Last weekend it was reported that President Obama would nominate the mayor of San Antonio, Julián Castro, to become the secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Castro has been considered a possible contender for vice president in 2016.

Obama won the Hispanic vote in 2008 and 2012 partly because of all of the promises he made to the Hispanic community. However, Obama was not able to keep his promises and many things have not changed when it comes to immigration.

Democrats need to do something in order to continue turning out the Hispanic vote, especially young Hispanic voters who have directly or indirectly been affected by the high levels of deportations.

The article can also be found on Univision, La Opinión, El Diaro- La Prensa (NY), La Raza (IL), La Prensa (FL), El Mensajero (CA), and Rumbo (TX)


Noticiero Telemundo: Republicans will not include DREAMers in the new defense authorization bill

Last week House Majority Leader Eric Cantor announced that he would not allow a vote on the ENLIST Act. Rep. Jeff Denham (R-CA) presented this amendment that would allow the legalization of undocumented youth that want to enlist in the military.

An amendment that is related to immigration could be added to the defense authorization bill, but Cantor did not give a reason why Denham’s amendment will not be included.

This is not the first time debate and voting on the ENLIST Act has been stopped. The Democrats blame the Republicans for the lack of progress.

House minority leader Nancy Pelosi (CA) said, “Like always, the excuses continue despite that the majority of Americans–including around 70% of conservative voters aligned with the Tea Party–want immigration reform. Six times the Democrats have tried to present a vote for immigration reform but still the Republicans remain against it.”

This issue was also reported on in Telemundo and La Opinión