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Public Interests Projects "Fund for DREAMers" to Help Offset Application Costs for Some

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Public Interest ProjectsOn August 15, DREAMers around the country began filing applications with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to request temporary relief from deportation. The deferred action process, as it is known, would also give DREAMers the ability to work and (in some cases) drive for at least two years.

Recognizing that the cost of the process might be prohibitive to some applicants, Public Interests Projects launched a “Fund for DREAMers” to help offset the $465 deferred action application fee.

According to the press statement that announced the fund:

Working through on-the-ground advocacy and legal service providers, the Fund for DREAMers will assist eligible young people, particularly low-income individuals, to defray the $465 application fees.  The goal is to maximize the number of successful applicants by ensuring that qualified, low-income young immigrants are not deterred by their inability to pay the application fee. Funds will be dispersed to vetted local groups via a rigorous allocation process.

The program will have an advisory committee, comprised of DREAMers, legal service providers, advocates and donors, that will work with Public Interest Projects staff to develop guidelines and provide oversight for the allocation of funds to local groups. It will also ensure that grants will be made to vetted community-based organizations.

There’s more information about it in this FAQ here. Please make a donation and help young immigrants pursue their dreams.