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Print Ad Aims to Educate Californians about E-Verify, the GOP Jobs-Killing Bill

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e-verify adLast week, we wrote about our Spanish language radio station ad campaign against E-Verify, sponsored by America’s Voice Education fund and Service Employees International Union.  This week, we want to show off our new print ad, run by La Opinión in districts represented by E-Verify advocates Reps. Elton Gallegly and Dan Lungren (R-CA).

“We’re more than just a pair of arms,” the ad says.  “We’re human beings and want to be treated as such.  Under the guise of fighting unauthorized immigration and unemployment, Republican Congressmen are promoting the E-Verify plan, which could put thousands of Latinos out of work in California and across the country. To make matters worse, they want to replace experienced agricultural workers with temporary workers without rights or protections.”

The ad is intended to educate Californians about E-Verify, a government database that keeps track of who is and isn’t allowed to work in the country legally.  Gallegly is a cosponsor of the bill and Lungren voted in favor of it last month when it passed the House Judiciary Committee.  Republicans claim E-Verify will weed out undocumented workers and pave the way for more jobs for Americans. 

In reality, E-Verify is a jobs-killing bill, because errors in the database will inevitably lead to the firing of hundreds of thousands of authorized workersLabor unions, small  business owners, conservatives, and farmers worried about the longevity of their industry, are all vehemently against E-Verify, because they know it doesn’t work.  Taking this message to Spanish-language media is particularly important, because naturalized citizens are at least 30 times more likely to be falsely identified as “unauthorized” than native-born citizens. 

E-Verify managed to survive its first vote in the House Judiciary Committee  We’re hoping Republican leaders have the good sense to stop this jobs-killing bill before it moves any further.

View the full-sized ad here.