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Powerful Bazta Arpaio Ad Harkens Back To 1964’s “Daisy”

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A new ad inspired by the infamous 1964 “Daisy” ad that helped defeat Republican Presidential nominee Barry Goldwater is targeting another extremist: Joe Arpaio.

Bazta Arpaio, the Arizona group that has been hard at work mobilizing Latino voters in the state to vote this November, just released the new ad, also titled “Daisy.”

While the original “Daisy” framed Goldwater as a warmonger who could not be trusted with nuclear weapons — that’s certainly been a concern this year as well — the new “Daisy” ad focuses on the imminent danger Arpaio and Donald Trump pose to immigrant families and US citizen children.

“The stakes are too high to let Trump and Arpaio win. Vote November 8,” the powerful ad concludes.