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At Orlando Puerto Rican Festival, “Boos Rained Down” On Marco Rubio

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Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio, who was against immigration reform before he was for it before he was against it again, is in a tough reelection fight against Congressman Patrick Murphy. The four most recent polls have shown the race has tightened considerably.

We first saw this news about Rubio being booed at an Orlando event over the weekend, via Twitter:

Today, NPR picked up the story – make sure to check out the audio link in the article, which is here:

And, more from NPR:

But when he took the stage, there was spattering of boos from the crowd.

And when the emcee introduced the senator, they grew louder.

“I’m going to introduce a man who represents Latinos, no matter where you’re from,” the emcee boomed in Spanish. The boos grew louder still. “Ladies and gentlemen, the senator for the state of Florida, a Latino like you and me … his name is Marco Rubio! Applaud!”

Instead, the boos rained down on the senator, drowning out what appeared to be a handful of supporters in the crowd.

“Thank you for having me today,” Rubio said, also in Spanish. “I want you to enjoy this day. We’re not going to talk about politics today. Thank God for this beautiful day, and for our freedom, our democracy, our vote, and our country. God bless you all, thank you very much.”

Then he left the stage, to more boos.