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Newly-Signed Maryland Law Poised To Get More Residents Regardless of Immigration Status Signed Up for Health Care, Stabilize Premiums for All

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Maryland has taken a momentous step in expanding health care coverage and stabilizing health insurance costs for all residents in the state. This month, Gov. Wes Moore (D) signed the “Access to Care Act” into law, which ensures income-eligible Marylanders regardless of immigration status can buy health coverage from the state exchange. It’ll make for a healthier state and lower costs for all, advocates said.

“Thanks to Governor Moore, the General Assembly, and the great leadership of lead sponsors Delegate Bonnie Cullison and Senator Antonio Hayes,” said Vincent DeMarco, President of the Maryland Health Care For All! Coalition, “Maryland is making substantial progress this year to help us reach the goal of ensuring that no Marylander has to go without health coverage which Governor Moore set forth in his Inaugural Address.”

The Maryland Health Care For All! Coalition said that previous expansions of health care coverage in the state resulted in nearly $500 million in savings, “helping to stabilize health insurance premiums for all Marylanders.” The Access to Care Act “will have no cost to the state and as we get more and more of our residents covered, we all benefit as we reduce uncompensated hospital care for which we all pay with higher premiums,” Hayes continued.


“Today marks a significant step forward for healthcare access in MD. With the #Access2Care Act now law, barriers are being broken down, allowing more individuals to access the care they need,” said CASA Executive Director Gustavo Torres. “As we applaud the passage of the #Access2Care Act,” CASA tweeted, “we extend our gratitude to @MDSenate, @mdhousedems, and @govwesmoore for their unwavering support of the immigrant community in Maryland. Together, we are building a more inclusive and compassionate healthcare system.”

The Access to Care Act had the support of over 100 diverse organizations, including CASA. Maryland now joins states including Washington, California, Illinois, Massachusetts, and the District of Columbia in expanding or creating new health care access for immigrants that contribute and call those areas their homes, CASA said. 


Earlier this year, California became the first in the country to open state health care insurance to all eligible undocumented adults. We noted at the time that it was not only humane policy, it was effective public health policy, because a healthier population benefits everyone. It was also a matter of fairness, treating immigrants who pay billions in taxes the same as other Californians. In Maryland, undocumented households pay nearly $260 million in local and state taxes annually, according to the American Immigration Council.

“Uninsured Marylanders who once forwent routine checkups can soon visit a doctor as they need to,” Torres said in April. “The heavy burden that hospital systems and community clinics have carried for decades will lighten, with people heading to preventative care instead of the emergency room. Health will reign in Maryland, as the Access to Care Act is the first step in quality and affordable healthcare for everyone.”

Earlier this month, the Biden administration also announced another health care win extending ACA access to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients. Yuna Oh, a Maryland resident, DACA recipient, and Political Associate at America’s Voice, said immigrant families in the state and across the country “could be more hopeful tonight. Being able to access affordable healthcare will strengthen my family and thousands of others like mine, giving us more stability and security in the country we’ve lived in for 20-plus years.”

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