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More on the President’s Speech:  “Mr. Obama's Immigration Promise”

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Last week, America’s Voice founder and Executive Director Frank Sharry responded to the President’s speech in a video message to supporters:

He stressed that the speech was an important moment to reassert federal leadership on immigration, and he encouraged reform supporters to sign the petition to the White House and Congress to pass the DREAM Act — as a down payment on full, comprehensive reform.

The New York Times ran a compelling editorial on immigration last week, following the President’s speech, entitled, “Mr. Obama’s Immigration Promise:

President Obama’s first major speech on immigration had the eloquence and clarity we have come to expect when he engages a wrenching national debate. In declaring the welcome of strangers a core American value, in placing immigrants at the center of the nation’s success and future, Mr. Obama’s exhortation was worthy of the late Senator Edward Kennedy, whose memory he respectfully summoned on Thursday. “Anybody can help us write the next great chapter in our history,” he said, regardless of blood or birth.