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New Poll: Americans Strongly Support Comprehensive Immigration Reform, DREAM Act

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New PollingNew polling released today from Lake Research Partners on behalf of America’s Voice sheds light on the views of all voters toward immigration policy.  The research finds that, despite midterm election gains by conservatives and Republicans, Americans’ support for comprehensive immigration reform has actually increased. Voters of every demographic and political subgroup remain broadly and intensely in favor of a national, practical fix to the immigration system.

Some key results from the survey:

  • Despite conventional wisdom to the contrary, voters still strongly support comprehensive immigration reform. With conservatives and Republicans making large gains in the midterm elections, many have made the mistake of assuming voters have turned against comprehensive immigration reform. In fact, those who voted in the election this week support comprehensive reform at the highest rate we have yet seen.

  • Support for comprehensive immigration reform is broad-based and crosses party lines. When we simply ask voters whether they support or oppose comprehensive immigration reform without describing it, 67% support it (55% strongly support). However, provided with a description, support jumps to 81%, with 68% strongly in support. Republicans are actually the most intense supporters, with fully 72% strongly supporting comprehensive reform.

  • Voters prioritize passing comprehensive immigration reform that includes border security above border security alone, and they believe deporting 11 million illegal immigrants is unrealistic. When we ask whether the federal priority should be securing the country’s borders, passing comprehensive immigration reform legislation, or doing both at the same time, 56% believe both should be done at the same time. Additionally, 76% (62% strongly) agree with the statement that “deporting all 11 million illegal immigrants currently in the United States is unrealistic.”