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Nevada Latinos Give Donald Trump A Big, Beautiful Wall Of Tacos

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Donald Trump wants a “big, beautiful” wall, so Latinos gave him one.

Members of the influential Culinary Union 226 and over a dozen other groups parked a wall of taco and food trucks outside the Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas yesterday, in protest of the candidate’s anti-immigrant, anti-Latino and anti-union rhetoric and stances.

Just a day before, groups had also organized another taco truck caravan, this time to register Latino, AAPI and immigrant voters before the state’s registration deadline.

While Trump’s anti-Latino rhetoric has been a constant since day one of his campaign, taco truck have more recently occupied the limelight following a claim from one of his remaining Latino supporters that a Hillary Clinton victory would usher in an era of “taco trucks on every corner.”

“When Donald Trump is talking about rapists and criminals, you’re talking about people like my mom who has been working here tirelessly to provide for her family,” said state Rep. Ruben Kihuen, in the running to be the first Latino Congressman from Nevada, during yesterday’s rally.

“Today we are going to send him a very strong message that the Latino vote is coming out to get him,” said Kihuen.