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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, October 30, 2013

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Christian Post (CrossMap): Immigration Reform 2013: Sen. Marco Rubio Tells GOP To Not Pass His Immigration Bill

Arizona Republic: Fleeting hopes for immigration reform
By Dan Nowicki and Erin Kelly

Personal Liberty Digest: Pelosi Tries To Leverage Boehner On Bringing Comprehensive Immigration Reform To House Vote
By Ben Bullard

Washington Post: Second House Republican signs on to Democratic immigration plan
By Ed O’Keefe

Huffington Post: Ileana Ros-Lehtinen Supports Democrat-Led Immigration Bill
By Elise Foley

MSNBC: And then there were two
By Steve Benen

Hanford Sentinel: Valadao considers breaking with GOP leadership on immigration
By Seth Nidever

Washington Times: Pelosi: Votes are there to pass immigration reform
By Jacqueline Klimas

Arizona Republic: Franks clarifies immigration stance
By Rebekah L. Sanders

New York Times: G.O.P. Urged to Act on Immigration by Coalition of Its Allies
By Ashley Parker

Politico: Conservative groups press for immigration reform
By Seung Min Kim

Reuters: Push for immigration action targets House Republicans
By Gabriel Debenedetti and Andy Sullivan

NBC Latino: Conservatives press House to advance immigration reform
By Suzanne Gamboa

US News & World Report: Business, Faith and Silicon Valley Leaders to Pepper House on Immigration
By Lauren Fox

Huffington Post: Conservatives Pushing Immigration Reform Say Piecemeal Approach Gains Steam
By Elise Foley

Newsmax: Norquist: Renew GOP Push for Immigration Reform
By David A. Patten

MSNBC: Widely mocked Heritage report returns
By Benjy Sarlin

US News & World Report: Immigration Reform Boosts Economic Recovery
By Lauren Fox

Huffington Post (Business): How To Defend Immigration Reform To Your Friends, In 2 Charts
By Maxwell Strachan

Latin Post: Mark Zuckerberg’s DREAMer Hackathon to Give Tech Savvy Immigrants a Platform to Shine
By Melissa Castellanos

Associated Press: US immigration officials deport Dreamer activist

National Journal: Senators Begin Scrutinizing Homeland Security Nominee
By Stacy Kaper

Washington Post: The implosion of the GOP brand, in one more chart
By Greg Sargent

The Hill: Pelosi: We can win
By Mike Lillis

KMOX/AP (Illinois): Illinois Illegal Immigrants Can Soon Apply for Driver’s Licenses

NPR: Alabama Agrees To Permanently Gut Immigration Law
By Bill Chappell

WFTV 9 (Florida): 15 protestors jailed after Orlando immigration reform protest

Orlando Sentinel (Florida): Immigration-reform rally arrestees bonding out of jail
By Susan Jacobson

New York Daily News (New York): Pastor, bishop, nun among 10 arrested at NYC immigration reform rally
By Erica Pearson

La Opinion (Editorial): Rubio’s change of heart

Los Angeles Times (The Economy Hub blog): The acid test for the GOP’s ability to govern: immigration reform
By Michael Hiltzik

Washington Post (Plum Line): Immigration reform is sort of undead
By Greg Sargent

Washington Post (Right Turn): Heritage Action demeans pro-immigration Republicans and pastors
By Jennifer Rubin

Huffington Post (Blog): A Call to Non-Violent Resistance: Immigration Reform Is a Moral Imperative
By Rev. Dr. Jorge L. Morales

NBC Latino (Opinion): Opinion: From moderate to “radical,” keep pushing on immigration reform
By Julio Ricardo Varela

Forbes (Opinion): A Belated Immigration Epiphany
By Carrie Sheffield

Chicago Tribune (Opinion): GOP divided by immigration debate
By Clarence Page

The Hill (Opinion): A new era for liberals
By Markos Moulitsas

Tennessean (Tennessee — Opinion): Immigration reform boost to economy
By Claude Pressnell

Arizona Republic (Arizona — Opinion): Why I’m fighting for ‘fair and humane’ immigration law
By Jack Harris