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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, October 29, 2013

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MSNBC: Rubio to GOP: Don’t pass my immigration bill!
By Benjy Sarlin

NBC Latino: Immigration advocates push for sweeping reform; Rubio aide says be ‘realistic’ on legislation
By Suzanne Gamboa

Politico: Marco Rubio sparks immigration debate
By Seung Min Kim

Wall Street Journal: Rubio Backs Off His Immigration Bill
By Laura Meckler and Neil King Jr.

San Francisco Chronicle: Jeff Denham still has immigrant-rights skeptics
By Joe Garfoli

Washington Times: GOP House member hopes to persuade fellow Republicans on immigration
By Stephen Dinan

Washington Post: Virginia Latinos, courted by Democrats, plunge into state political activism
By Pamela Constable

Associated Press: Immigration Bill’s Fate Murky on Eve of Lobbying
By Donna Cassata

Associated Press: Top Texas conservatives urge immigration reform

Salt Lake Tribune: Conservatives among those off to DC for immigration reform
By Matt Canham

Washington Post: Rubio now favors piecemeal immigration approach over comprehensive bill
By Aaron Blake

Talking Points Memo: Marco Rubio: Time To Scale Back Immigration Reform
By Sahil Kapur

Huffington Post: Marco Rubio Backs Away From Own Immigration Bill Becoming Law
By Elise Foley

ABC News (The Note): Marco Rubio’s Flip-Flop on Comprehensive Immigration Reform Explained
By Arlette Saenz

New Republic: Marco Rubio’s Latest Immigration Flip-Flop Proves His Political Cluelessness
By Isaac Chotiner

The Hill: Ted Cruz looms large over comprehensive immigration reform
By Alexander Bolton

Associated Press: A year after Romney loss, GOP woes run even deeper
By Charles Babington

CNN: GOP Rep: Many House Republicans will sign onto immigration bill
By Bryan Koenig and Deena Zaru

Washington Post: Jeff Denham, political outlier
By Sean Sullivan

Los Angeles Times: Embrace of immigration reform eases path for California Republicans
By Cathleen Decker

Associated Press: Mario Diaz-Balart To Meet With Obama On Immigration Reform
By Donna Cassata

Fox News Latino: Former Rep. Tom Tancredo Unveils Slogan ‘Viva Tancredo’ For Gubernatorial Campaign

Washington Times: Immigration advocates want human rights monitors to oversee U.S. deportations
By Stephen Dinan

Washington Post: McAuliffe opens up double-digit lead over Cuccinelli in Virginia governor’s race
By Laura Vozzella and Peyton M. Craighill

Bloomberg (Editorial): Immigration Reform Isn’t Dead Yet

Baltimore Sun (Editorial): Can Republicans do the expedient thing on immigration?

The Hill (Pundits Blog): Election 2014 and the GOP’s ticking immigration reform bomb
By Fernando Espuelas

Huffington Post (Blog): Show Bipartisanship at Work By Bringing Comprehensive Immigration Reform to the Floor
By Rep. Joaquin Castro, Rep. Jared Polis, Rep. Joe Garcia and Rep. Suzan DelBene

Politico (Opinion): Will GOP pass up Hispanic lifeline?
By Roger Simon

MSNBC (Maddow Blog): One step forward, one step back on immigration reform
By Steve Benen

Washington Post (Opinion): Can a permissive immigration law be legal if a punitive law wasn’t?
By Charles Lane

National Journal (Next America blog): Immigrants Injecting Life Into the Rust Belt
By Andrew Wainer

Arizona Daily Star (Arizona — Opinion): Fitz: Preserving the Arizona we love requires standing up for immigration reform
By David Fitzsimmons

Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel (Wisconsin — Opinion): Come together on immigration reform
By Lee K. Nanfelt