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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, October 23, 2013

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Arizona Republic: ‘Dreamers’ reach out to D.C.
By Daniel González and Dan Nowicki

Las Vegas Sun: Immigration supporters target GOP House members seen as amenable to reform
By Tovin Lapan

Epoch Times: Prospects for Immigration Reform Improving
By Mary Silver

International Business Times: Immigration Reform 2013: ‘Time For Proponents To Be Realistic,’ Says Rubio
By Laura Matthews

Wall Street Journal: House Republicans Drafting Immigration Measures
By Kristina Peterson

Roll Call: Did the Shutdown Help the Immigration Cause?
By Meredith Shiner

National Journal: Is Immigration Really Dead in the House?
By Fawn Johnson

Washington Post: The Republican battle between mathematicians and priests
By Chris Cillizza

New York Times: Most Latinos Do Not See a National Leader, Poll Finds
By Julia Preston

TIME: Evangelicals Battle Over ‘Biblical’ Immigration
By Maya Rhodan

CBS News: Poll: Congress, tea party take hits from government shutdown
By Sarah Dutton, Jennifer De Pinto, Anthony Salvanto and Fred Backus

Washington Post: The Morning Plum: Outside the conservative bubble, GOP sustains epic damage
By Greg Sargent

Arizona Daily Star (Arizona): McCain still hopeful immigration reform is a political priority
By Perla Trevizo

Cronkite News (Arizona): Arizona advocates try to take immigration appeal directly to Boehner
By Pei Li

Washington Post (Plum Line blog): Immigration reform: Still not quite dead
By Greg Sargent

Wall Street Journal (Opinion): William Galston: An Immigration Challenge for Boehner
By William A. Galston

Christian Post (Opinion): Immigration Reform’s Revival and Hispanic Christians
By Robert Gittelson

Arizona Republic (Arizona — Editorial): Bring fig leaves: House needs cover to reform immigration