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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, October 21, 2013

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NBC Latino: Obama’s DHS secretary nominee a question mark on border, immigration
By Suzanne Gamboa

MSNBC: Obama picks Johnson to head Homeland Security
By Adam Serwer

NPR: Obama’s Immigration Pivot Hits A Bruised GOP’s Weak Spot
By Frank James

Arizona Republic: Time running out for immigration reform
By Dan Nowicki

National Review Online: Dug In Against the Gang of Eight
By Andrew Stiles

Fox News Latino (California): Immigrant Activists In California Have Standoff With Homeland Security Officials During Protest Over Deportations
By Elizabeth Llorente

National Journal: The House GOP Coalition That Could Break the Gridlock
By Scott Bland

The Atlantic Wire: Could Immigration Reform Still Happen?
By Allie Jones

NBC News: Did shutdown ‘poison the well’ for immigration reform?
By Carrie Dann

Washington Post: With shutdown over, attention turns to immigration reform — but is it too late?
By J.D. Harrison

MSNBC: Boehner’s no-win immigration dilemma
By Benjy Sarlin

Washington Post: Luis Gutierrez, fierce fighter for immigration reform
By Manuel Roig-Franzia

Associated Press: Senator urges House action on immigration bill

Denver Post: Bennet urges bipartisan approach to immigration reform
By Austin Briggs

Washington Post: Analysis: Republicans reassess after shutdown debacle
By Karen Tumulty

Fox News: Rubio downcast about immigration reform, casts blame on Obama

Think Progress: Marco Rubio: Obama Has Undermined Immigration Reform By Refusing To Defund Obamacare
By Igor Volsky

The Hill: Obama has ‘undermined’ immigration reform effort, Sen. Rubio says
By Julian Hattem

Real Clear Politics: Immigration Push May Underpin Pick to Lead DHS
By Alexis Simendinger

New York Times: Democrats Aim to Restore Immigration to Agenda
By Julia Preston and Ashley Parker

Politico: Jeb Bush says GOP needs ‘agenda’
By Tal Kopan

BuzzFeed: Mark Zuckerberg Will Join LinkedIn, Dropbox Founders At “Dreamer” Hackathon To Bring Attention Back To Immigration Reform
By Adrian Carrasquillo

Politico: Immigration reform groups resume fight
By Seung Min Kim

New York Times (California): California Sees Gridlock Ease in Governing
By Adam Nagourney

Las Vegas Sun (Nevada): Immigration-reform supporters urge Las Vegas’ Catholic Church hierarchy: Speak up publicly, speak out publicly
By Tovin Lapan

WISHTV (Indiana): Hundreds gather for immigration reform

Houston Chronicle (Editorial): Next Battle: Immigration Reform

La Opinion (Editorial): Latinos and the GOP

MSNBC (Maddow Blog): GOP already balking at new immigration push
By Steve Benen

Washington Examiner (Opinion): Written off for dead, immigration reform could still live on
By Byron York

Washington Post (Wonkblog): Obama’s devious plot to destroy the Republican Party by increasing its vote share among Hispanics
By Ezra Klein

The Hill (Congress Blog): The outdated immigrant detention system
By Katharina Obser

Washington Post (Plum Line blog): The Morning Plum: How the GOP can save itself from the Tea Party
By Greg Sargent

Forbes (Opinion): A U.S. Worker Shortage Calls For ‘Red Card’ Immigration Reform
By Benjamin Powell

New York Times (Opinion): The President’s Pivot
By Charles Blow

Wall Street Journal (Opinion): ‘Minimally Viable’ Immigration Reform
By L. Gordon Crovitz

Seattle Times (Washington — Opinion): Guest: King County Sheriff’s Office should fight crime, not enforce immigration laws
By John Lovick and Jim Pugel