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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, November 4, 2013

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Corpus Christi Caller Times: Corpus Christi advocacy group hopes to change U.S. Rep. Farenthold’s tune on immigration reform
By Ryan Rockett

Houston Chronicle: Farenthold open to legalization but doubtful on citizenship
By Gary Martin

BuzzFeed: Meet The Republican Sticking His Neck Out For Immigration Reform
By Kate Nocera

Bloomberg View: Republicans Brace for Internecine Immigration Fight
By Albert R. Hunt

Florida Today: Rubio switches strategy on immigration
By Ledyard King

MLive: Congressman Fred Upton says he will be part of ‘bipartisan effort’ to pass immigration reform this fall
By Yvonne Zipp

Huffington Post: Gutierrez: House Will Use GOP’s Piecemeal Approach To Immigration Reform
By Ibrahim Balkhy

Sirius XM Progress: Signorile Speaks With Congressman Gutierrez (D-IL) About Immigration (RADIO)
By Michelangelo Signorile

WBEZ Chicago: U.S. Representative Luis Gutierrez, ‘Still Dreaming: My Journey from the Barrio to Capitol Hill’ (RADIO)

Arizona Republic: Flake: House immigration ‘breakthrough’ possible
By Dan Nowicki

Roll Call: Denham Leads GOP Immigration Crusade
By Emma Dumain

The Hill: Upton: Half of GOP caucus backs immigration reform
By Kyle Balluck

Los Angeles Times: California Republican on immigration: ‘We’ve got to do something’
By Richard Simon

Spokesman-Review: Labrador: Now is ‘not the time’ for immigration reform
By Betsy Z. Russell

National Journal: Parent Sponsorship Stalls Kids Act
By Fawn Johnson

Wall Street Journal: As New Jersey’s Christie Campaigns, a 2016 Strategy Emerges
By Heather Haddon and Neil King Jr.

The Daily Beast: How Chris Christie is Winning Over Hispanics
By David Freedlander

Chicago Reporter: Felony deportations decline as ICE officers resist former chief’s 2010 directive
By María Inés Zamudio

Green Bay Press Gazette: Officials target immigrants with criminal records
By Paul Srubas

Fox News Latino: Five More Members Of ‘Dream 30’ Released From Immigration Detention

Mother Jones: How Immigration Reform Could End the Budget Wars
By Patrick Caldwell

Texas Tribune (Texas): G.O.P. Pursues Hispanic Votes With Abortion Stance
By Alexa Ura

Washington Post (Distict of Columbia): D.C. Council backs away from issuing regular driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants
By Aaron C. Davis

Associated Press (Texas): 5 immigration protesters released after West Texas judge rejects asylum claim by 2 ‘dreamers’

KPCC (California): The pressure’s on California House GOP members to act on immigration
By Kitty Felde

KRCG 13 (Missouri): Dozens rally for immigration reform
By Juliette Dryer

Bloomberg View: Republicans Will Pass Immigration Reform. Soon.
By Francis Wilkinson

Roll Call (Opinion): Here’s Bipartisanship at Work on Immigration 
By Cesar Martinez

Washington Post (Plum Line): Republicans can¹t put off immigation reform forever
By Greg Sargent

The Hill (Opinion): Juan Williams: Rubio’s pointless flip-flop
By Juan Williams

Huffington Post (Blog): Both Congress and President Obama Have the Power to Stop the Pain in Immigrant Communities
By Cristina Jimenez

Washington Post (Right Turn blog): Can they make some deals?
By Jennifer Rubin

Bloomberg Businessweek (Small World blog): The U.S. Can’t Afford to Scrap the Visa Lottery
By Charles Kenny

Huffington Post (Blog): In God We Trust on Immigration Reform
By Gaby Pacheco

Dallas Morning News (Texas — Editorial): Editorial: Paying for immigrant jail time

Chicago Sun-Times (Illinois — Opinion): How immigration reform would help Chicago
By Stephen Bouman

Baltimore Sun (Maryland — Opinion): Immigration reform isn’t dead yet
By Clarence Page