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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, March 4, 2014

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New York Times: Ad Attacks House Republicans on Immigration
By Ashley Parker

Politico: Facebook-linked group pushes GOP on immigration
By Seung Min Kim

Associated Press: Advocacy Group Targets House GOP on Immigration
By Donna Cassata

The Hill: Boehner: I’ll run for Speaker again
By Russell Berman

Huffington Post: John Boehner: Immigration Principles Are ‘Not Amnesty’
By Elise Foley

Roll Call: Boehner: Immigration Principles Not ‘Amnesty’
By Steven Dennis

Reuters: U.S. Supreme Court declines immigration cases
By Lawrence Hurley

Associated Press: Supreme Court Justices Decline To Re-Enter Immigration Debate

Reuters: South Carolina ‘Show Me Papers’ Dispute Is Settled

USA Today: South Carolina puts brakes on immigration law
By Alan Gomez

Bloomberg: South Carolina Consents to Bar on Immigration Law Enforcement
By Andrew Harris

Politico: National Council of La Raza leader calls Barack Obama ‘deporter-in-chief’
By Reid J. Epstein

Roll Call: Democrats Announce House Targets for 2014

Washington Post: Legislators, advocacy groups call for greater accountability in probe of border shootings
By Lalita Clozel and Daniel Rothberg

Al Jazeera America: U.S. immigration policies: A little something for everyone to hate
By Naureen Khan

Latino Post: Immigration Reform 2014: Six New York House Republicans Support Passage of Immigration Reform in 2014
By Jessica Michele Herring

Arizona Republic (Arizona): Renowned immigration advocate brings cause to Phoenix
By Daniel Gonzalez

CBS5 (Arizona): ‘Fast for Families’ keeps focus on immigration debate
By Steve Stout

Kansas City Star (Kansas): Kobach’s drive against illegal immigration set back as U.S. Supreme Court declines cases
By Dion Lefler

Dallas Morning News (Texas): Conservative immigration group pulls endorsement for Sessions, goes with Pierson
By Nick Swartsell

The Record (California): Denham honored for his work on immigration reform

Washington Post (Plum Line): John Boehner says the right thing about immigration
By Greg Sargent

MSNBC (Maddow Blog): Boehner intends to stick around
By Steve Benen

The Hill (Opinion): John Feehery: Three amigos diverge
By John Feehery

Daily Herald (Illinois – Letter to the Editor): Immigration reform will build trust
By Mark C. Curran