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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, April 28, 2014

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New York Times: Immigration Resurfaces in Tough Talk by Speaker
By Ashley Parker and Michael D. Shear

Associated Press: House Speaker Boehner draws criticism from both sides over immigration comments
By Erica Werner

The Hill: Boehner’s immigration problem
By Alexander Bolton

Latin Times: Obama Administration Deportation Policy Changes May Come In ‘Two Step Process’
By David Iaconangelo

Erie Times-News: U.S. Attorney moves to dismiss high-profile Erie immigration case
By Lisa Thompson

Huffington Post: Immigration Not On House GOP Agenda For Spring
By Elise Foley

Associated Press: Forget Immigration, Congress Looks To Return To Work With Bare Minimum In Mind

Los Angeles Times: Immigration reform at crossroads in Congress amid GOP opposition
By Lisa Mascaro

The New Republic: The Two Chances for Immigration Reform to Pass This Year
By Nora Caplan-Bricker

Roll Call: Immigration Overhaul for 2014: Decidedly Not Dead
By David Eldridge

Christian Post: Immigration Reform Not Dead, Boehner Says; Over 200 Evangelical Pastors to Push House Republicans
By Napp Nazworth

The Hill: A House immigration bill by August?
By Julian Hattem

Associated Press: Dems seize on Boehner comments on immigration

USA Today: Pelosi calls on Boehner to act on immigration bill after he mocks GOP
By Catalina Camia

Politico: Heritage Action for America: John Boehner ‘disappointing’
By Jonathan Topaz

Fox News: Immigration push threatens to divide Republicans

CNN: Boehner public mocking of colleagues on immigration similar to what he’s done in private
By Deirdre Walsh, Dana Bash, and Paul Steinhauser

Politico: Raul Labrador: ‘Disappointed’ in John Boehner
By Seung Min Kim

Associated Press: John Boehner Faces Competition In His Reelection Primary
By Dan Sewell

Wall Street Journal: Homeland Security Chief Stresses Families in Immigration
By Sarah Portlock

ABC News: DHS Head: Changes To Immigration Enforcement Potentially Coming ‘Pretty Soon’
By Pierre Thomas, Mike Levine, Jack Date, and Jack Cloherty

Politico: Johnson defends Obama on immigration enforcement
By Seung Min Kim

The Hill: DHS chief: Immigration system not working
By Laura Barron-Lopez

Washington Examiner: Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson wants more ‘effective’ enforcement of immigration laws
By David M. Drucker

The Hill: Paul: Still hope for immigration reform this year
By Alexandra Jaffe

The Hill: Sen. Flake ‘encouraged’ by Boehner’s efforts on immigration reform
By Mario Trujillo

Wall Street Journal (MarketWatch): Elon Musk plugs immigration reform
By Robert Schroeder

Fox News Latino: Pope John Paul II’s Legacy Is Mixed Among Latinos, Experts Say
By Andrew O’Reilly

Dallas Morning News (Texas): Joe Barton to push immigration overhaul that includes guest worker program, path to citizenship for children
By Gromer Jeffers Jr.

Scott Braddock; A voice for Texas (Texas): Senior Republican Texas Congressman Calls for Guest Worker Program
By Scott Braddock

ABC 6 (Ohio): Columbus Mother’s Deportation to Mexico Delayed

CBS Miami/AP (Florida): Florida Democrats Push For Immigration Reform

Aurora Sentinel (Colorado): Coffman says House has courage to pass immigration reform this summer
By Aaron Cole

Arizona Republic (Arizona): Arizona gubernatorial candidates weigh in on immigrant driver’s licenses

Washington Post (Editorial): Mr. Boehner comes clean on immigration reform

Washington Post (Plum Line): Morning Plum: John Boehner admits Republicans are the problem
By Greg Sargent

Washington Post (The Fix): Immigration reform isn’t happening anytime soon in the House. No matter what John Boehner says.
By Ed O’Keefe

Washington Post (The Fix): The GOP has a demographic problem, and it looks like it could get even worse
By Chris Cillizza

Washington Post (Monkey Cage): ‘Humanitarian’ appeals encourage a permissive immigration policy
By Benjamin Newman, Todd K. Hartman, Patrick L. Lown, and Stanley Feldman

MSNBC (Maddow Blog): An immigration debate, stuck at the crossroads
By Steve Benen

The Hill (Pundits Blog): Boehner should back up his talk
By A.B. Stoddard

The New Republic: Republicans Asked for an Immigration Debate. Now They’re Running From It.
By Brian Beutler

Roll Call (Opinion): The Time Is Now for Congress To Act On Immigration Reform
By Frank VanderSloot

Carlsbad Current-Argus (New Mexico – Editorial): Editorial: Deportation policy should focus on real threats

Houston Chronicle (Texas – Opinion): Fischer: Surge of Latino voters stagnates under state GOP’s harmful policies
By Trey Martinez Fischer

My San Antonio (Texas — Opinion): A kinder, gentler Dan Patrick? Don’t believe it
By O. Ricardo Pimentel