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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, April 25, 2014

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Reuters: Obama administration may unveil new deportation policy in two stages
By Julia Edwards and Richard Cowan

Huffington Post: Obama Faces Growing Rebellion Against The Secure Communities Deportation Program
By Elise Foley

Huffington Post: GOP Senators Accuse Obama Administration Of Suspending Immigration Law ‘At Its Whim’
By Elise Foley

Associated Press: GOP Senators Attack Obama Deportations Review
By Erica Werner

Politico: 22 Senate GOPers: ‘Grave concern’ on deportations
By Seung Min Kim

Washington Post: 22 Senate Republicans express ‘grave concerns’ on deportation review
By Ed O’Keefe

Wall Street Journal: GOP to Obama: Deportation Review Raises ‘Grave Concerns’
By Laura Meckler

The New Republic: The GOP Is Still Demanding More Deportations—and Staying Silent on Reform
By Nora Caplan-Bricker

The Daily Beast: Obama’s Deportation Catch-22
By Caitlin Dickson

National Journal: We’re Heading for a Showdown Over Deportations
By Elahe Izadi

Cincinnati Inquirer: Boehner mocks GOP colleagues on immigration reform
By Sheila McLaughlin

Washington Post: Boehner ‘mocked’ colleagues on immigration
By Ed O’Keefe

Huffington Post: John Boehner Mocks GOP On Immigration: ‘Ohhhh. This Is Too Hard’
By Elise Foley

Roll Call: 218: Boehner: Too Late to Just Repeal Obamacare, GOP Should Tackle Immigration (Video) (Updated)

The Hill: Boehner mocks GOP colleagues for balking at immigration reform
By Rebecca Shabad

Bloomberg: Obama Pledges to Make Push for Immigration Reform This Year
By Phil Mattingly and Margaret Talev

Los Angeles Times: Obama to pitch U.S. immigration reform from South Korea
By Christi Parsons

EFE: Prosecutorial discretion rarely used in immigration cases

Politico: Peter King urges immigration reform
By Seung Min Kim

Washington Examiner: Jeb Bush cheers Canada-styled ‘express entry’ immigration reform
By Paul Bedard

VOXXI: Farm workers press Kevin McCarthy to act on immigration reform
By Griselda Nevarez

Associated Press: DHS sec’y puts ex-watchdog on leave after report

The Hill: DHS watchdog ‘jeopardized’ office’s independence, report finds
By Rebecca Shabad

Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Georgia): Atlanta-area evangelical leaders call for immigration overhaul
By Jeremy Redmon

Times-Picayune (Louisiana): Sen. Vitter accuses President Obama of pushing amnesty for illegal immigration
By Bruce Alpert

Houston Chronicle (Texas): Survey shows growing support of immigrants in Houston area
By Lomi Kriel

Washington Post (Plum Line): The GOP position on immigration: Get out
By Greg Sargent

Los Angeles Times (Opinion): The irony of the immigrants in our hellhole detention facilities
By Ted Rall

Arizona Republic (Arizona – Letter to the Editor): Business, tourism want immigration solution
By Debbie Johnson

Florida Today (Florida – Opinion): Guest column: Allow vote on immigration tuition bill
By Camila Ceballos

News & Observer (North Carolina – Opinion): Greater than immigration law: Loving neighbors as ourselves
By Erick Miguel Poaty

Columbus Dispatch (Ohio – Letter to the Editor): Immigration reform would give U.S. a boost
By Gina Daniele

Detroit News (Michigan – Letter to the Editor): Will Bentivolio support DREAMers?
By Sergio Martinez