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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, April 22, 2014

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Associated Press: AP Newsbreak: US Weighs Curbing Deportations
By Erica Werner

The Hill: AFL-CIO demands deportation exemption to promote worker safety
By Tim Devaney

Washington Examiner: John Boehner’s double-speak rattles House immigration foes
By Byron York

Wall Street Journal: GOP Beats Democrats to Spanish-Language Airwaves
By Beth Reinhard

TIME: Immigration Activists Try to Ramp up Pressure on Obama Again
By Alex Altman

New Republic: What It Will Take For Obama To Satisfy His Immigration Critics
By Nora Caplan-Bricker

Christian Science Monitor: Immigration reform: If Obama moves on his own, how big a political risk?
By Linda Feldmann

CNN: Maybe immigration reform isn’t dead after all
By Halimah Abdullah

National Journal: Party Paranoia Could Destroy Hopes of Immigration Reform
By Charlie Cook

The Hill: Flake: Bush remarks on immigration took ‘guts’
By Mario Trujillo

Politico: Jeff Flake praises Jeb Bush on ‘act of love’
By Seung Min Kim

Huffington Post: Jeff Flake Shows Support For Jeb Bush’s ‘Act Of Love’ Immigration Comment
By Ashley Alman

VOXXI: Tech industry pushes for immigration reform through new campaign
By Griselda Nevarez

International Business Times: Iowa Republican Steve King Fires Back At Immigration Group Co-Founded By Mark Zuckerberg
By Angelo Young

Roll Call: Hastert, Illinois Republicans to Call for Immigration Overhaul
By Matt Fuller

Associated Press: Hastert among GOP’s expected at immigration event

Associated Press: Court Rejects Arizona’s Appeal in Immigration Case
By Jacques Billeaud

The Hill: SCOTUS won’t review Ariz. law on harboring illegal immigrants
By Mario Trujillo

CNN: Is Justin Bieber getting special treatment?
By Leigh Ann Caldwell

Miami Herald (Florida): Florida Senator hopes to keep immigration tuition bill alive
By Kathleen McGrory

Arizona Daily Star (Arizona): Supreme Court bars another section of Arizona’s immigration law
By Howard Fischer

Associated Press (Maryland): Md. won’t automatically hold immigrants for feds

Reno News-Journal (Nevada): Meet your 2014 state Republican Party endorsed candidates!
By Steve Sebelius

Washington Post (Plum Line): Morning Plum: Pressure on Obama to “go big” on deportations
By Greg Sargent

National Journal (Opinion): Immigration Policy: Is Federalism the Answer?
By Andrew Wainer and Audrey Singer

Washington Post (Monkey Cage): Lies, damned lies, and Obama’s deportation statistics
By Anna O. Law

The Hill (Congress Blog): Republican Party at historic crossroads
By Deepak Bhargava

Arizona Republic (Arizona – Opinion): SB 1070 is a failed, costly experiment
By Alessandra Soler

PennLive (Pennsylvania – Opinion): Immigration reform makes dollars and sense for Pa. Latinos: Carlos Graupera
By Carlos Graupera