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Must-Read News on Immigration Reform, April 14, 2014

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People’s World: Immigration activists arrested at civil rights meet
By Evlynn Wier

Washington Post: Rand Paul: Jeb Bush could have been ‘more artful’ with immigration comment
By Sean Sullivan

Huffington Post: Rand Paul: ‘We Can’t Invite The Whole World’ To Immigrate To U.S.
By Christina Wilkie

The Hill: Paul defends Jeb on ‘act of love’ comments
By Alexandra Jaffe

MSNBC: Rand Paul chides Jeb Bush over ‘act of love’ comment
By Zachary Roth

Politico: Paul tweaks Bush on ‘act of love’
By Elizabeth Titus

Christian Science Monitor: Why Rand Paul didn’t really blast Jeb Bush on immigration
By Mark Sappenfield

CBS News: Will immigration undermine Republicans in 2016?
By Rebecca Kaplan

CNN: Is race holding up immigration reform?

Politico: Israel: ‘Not all’ Republican lawmakers racist
By Juana Summers

Roll Call: Israel: Elements of Republican Base ‘Animated By Racism’
By Emily Cahn

FiveThirtyEight: Like Bush, Many Republicans Are Moderate on Immigration
By Nate Silver

ABC News: Ana Navarro: GOP Brand in a ‘Deep Hole With Hispanics’
By Benjamin Bell

Associated Press: Pace of presidential prep picks up

MSNBC: How to fix America’s immigration woes
By Emma Margolin

US News & World Report: Immigration Activists: Politics Aren’t the Problem, Culture Is
By Tierney Sneed

The New Republic: Deported Without Seeing A Judge: One of the Worst Parts of the Immigration System
By Nora Caplan-Bricker

Huffington Post: GOP’s Likely Pick For Calif. Gov. Defends Worst Immigration Speech Ever
By Roque Planas

The Hill: Rep.: Immigration reform can pass
By Molly K. Hooper

The Hill: Is Obama enforcing the law?
By Benjamin Goad

National Journal: Time Is Running Out for Big Bills
By Billy House

Roll Call: Chairman Goodlatte Receives $143,000 While Considering Legislation
By Kent Cooper

Washington Post: Rand Paul talks about how to expand GOP base to tea party audience
By Jaime Fuller

Arizona Daily Star (Arizona): Robust trade is best way to solve immigration issues, border mayors say
By Joseph Trevino

Sioux City Journal (Iowa): Ryan budget plan draws protest at GOP dinner in Iowa
By James Q. Lynch

Seattle Times (Washington): Orcas Island tries to protect skilled immigrant facing deportation
By Lornet Turnbull

Denver Post (Colorado): Rep. Cory Gardner wins big at assembly, will challenge Sen. Mark Udall
By Kurtis Lee

Washington Post (Plum Line): How failure of immigration reform could drag down Paul Ryan
By Greg Sargent

Washington Post (The Fix): The search for the new Republican party….continues.
By Jaime Fuller

Huffington Post (Blog): A Spirit of Solidarity Within the Movement for Immigrant Rights
By Victor Narro

New York Post (New York – Editorial): Love, law & immigration

Miami Herald (Florida – Opinion): Jeb Bush’s compassionate message on immigration
By Helen Aguirre Ferre

New York Daily News (New York – Opinion): President Obama and House Speaker Boehner should share blame for the ongoing failure of immigration reform in Washington
By Albor Ruiz

Columbus Dispatch (Ohio – Opinion): Linda Chavez commentary: Jeb Bush should try following in Reagan’s persuasive footsteps
By Linda Chavez

Chicago Now (Illinois – Opinion): Pope Francis and a moral argument for immigration reform
By Teresa Puente

Bismarck Tribune (North Dakota – Opinion): A dramatic solution for Illegal Immigration
By Lloyd Omdahl

Sacramento Bee (California – Opinion): Viewpoints: In immigration reform, half an enchilada is better than no enchilada
By Yvette Lopez

Los Angeles Daily News (California – Opinion): Immigration comments and our angry politics of fear: Tim Rutten
By Tim Rutten