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Must-Read News in Immigration Reform, August 29, 2013

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The Atlantic: Obama’s Immigration Nuclear Option: Stopping Deportations Unilaterally
By Molly Ball

Latin Times: Immigration Reform 2013: Would Obama Take Executive Action To Stop Deportations If A Bill Fails?
By David Iaconangelo

KPBS Radio: AZ Senators Remain Optimistic On Immigration Reform
By Jude Joffe-Block

ThinkProgress: Truth Bomb: Chief Opponent Of Senate Immigration Bill Admits It’s Not Amnesty
By Igor Volsky

Latina: California Republican Says He Understands Immigrants Because He Was Born in Arizona
By Samantha Leal

Fox News Latino: White House Official Says Immigration Reform Vote Not Likely Until October
By Elizabeth Llorente

Roll Call: Students Swarm Union Station Marching for Immigration, Affirmative Action
By Hannah Hess

ABC/Univision: What Immigration Has to Do With Black Economic Struggles
By Ted Hesson

The Hill: Lead House Dem frustrated over immigration’s pace
By Russell Berman

Voice of America: US Immigration Reform Battle Has Electoral Implications
By Michael Bowman

Slate: Immigrants Don’t Drain Public Coffers After All
By Joshua Keating

International Business Times: Immigration Reform 2013: Napolitano Spread Arizona’s ‘Shameful Infection Of Nativism,’ Say Day Laborers
By Laura Matthews

Washington Post: How Organizing For Action spent the August recess, by the numbers
By Juliet Eilperin

Deseret Sun (California): Jerry Brown joins V. Manuel Perez, members Ca. Latino Caucus for immigration forum
By Tatiana Sanchez

Denver Post (Colorado): Colorado delegation spars over energy, Obamacare, immigration
By Allison Sherry

Philly Burbs (Pennsylvania): Immigration reform supporters call for Fitzpatrick to support immigration reform
By Gema Maria Duarte

Scranton Times-Tribune (Pennsylvania): Rally for immigration reform in Scranton held on march anniversary
By Katie Sullivan

The Exponent (Indiana): Forum gathers to promote immigration reform
By Logan Judy

MinnPost (Minnesota): Broad Minnesota immigration coalition sees hope for reform
By Devin Henry

Watertown Daily Times (New York): U.S. Agriculture Secretary calls passage of immigration reform crucial for upstate NY dairy farms
By Ted Booker

Associated Press (Tennessee): Business leaders make case for immigration reform
By Travis Loller

WBIR-TV (Tennessee): ACLU challenges Knox sheriff’s controversial comments on immigration

The Atlantic: The Winners in Immigration Control: Private Prisons
By Aubrey Pringle

Seattle Times: Feds oppose county change in holding jailed immigrants
By Lornet Turnbull

Washington Post (Blog): The GOP, not the calendar, is the obstacle for immigration reform
By Jonathan Bernstein

Bloomberg (Opinion): The High Price of Immigration
By Paul Collier

Huffington Post (Blog): March on Washington: The Fierce Urgency of Now for Immigration Reform
By John McCullough

Huffington Post (Blog): ‘I Have a Dream’: An Undocumented Immigrant Version
By Jose Antonio Vargas

Washington Times (Community Voices): The Republican Party winning the young Hispanic vote
By Jose Fulgencio

Wisconsin Rapids Tribune (Wisconsin—Opinion): Congress needs to fix immigration now
By Jim Klauser

Great Falls Tribune (Montana—Opinion): Immigration reform to boost growth
By Bruce Nelson and Anthony Preite