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MSNBC Features LatinoVoteMatters.Org, "Cool, New Interactive Map"

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At Netroots Nation last weekend, America’s Voice Education Fund and Latino Decisions launched our new interactive Latino Vote website, designed to let voters play with a variety of factors that could make or break the election in November.

Yesterday, Latino Decision’s Matt Barreto was on MSNBC’s Jansing & Co to discuss the Latino vote in 2012, which included a look at the “cool, new interactive map” (Jansing’s words, not ours, but we agree):

Matt Barreto, founding principal at Latino Decisions and associate professor in political science at the University of Washington, said better outreach from both President Obama and Mitt Romney’s presidential campaigns could lead to better voter participation from Latinos.

“It’s not clear right now that either of the two parties are going out of their way to court or produce for Latino voters. There’s just a lot of bickering right now,” Barreto said during an appearance on MSNBC’s Jansing & Co. “Latinos are looking at the situation and saying, ‘What’s the incentive?’ The parties need to do that outreach, they need to make that connection, and then you will see Latino voter registration and participation increase.”

While the Latino population is growing and registering to vote at a rapid pace compared to years past, only about half of those eligible to vote are registered. A New York Times Sunday article examined the unmet potential of Hispanic voters.

Here’s the video: