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Move Over, Speaker Ryan. It’s Donald Trump’s House Now

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Earlier, Speaker Paul Ryan took what he’s himself called an “extraordinary” step — allowing the Republican House to vote to file an amicus brief to the Supreme Court against DAPA and DACA+.

It’s a blatantly partisan move, and the final count from today’s vote only proves this move from Speaker Ryan has been only about political gamesmanship at the expense of immigrant families.


By bringing up the resolution for a vote, Paul is “doubling down on Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric,” Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Rep. Ben Ray Lujan said in a press conference on Wednesday.

“This vote does not address supposed executive overreach, as they will argue,” he added. “It is an anti-immigrant vote, plain and simple. You better believe that this is a true manifestation of the Party of Trump in the House.”

188 House Democrats voted against the brief, and were joined by five Republicans, making it an bipartisan effort. Of the 234 votes giving Speaker Ryan authorization to proceed with the brief, every single one was a Republican.

Make no mistake, this is a political exercise, plain and simple.

As we’ve said before, Speaker Ryan could file an amicus on behalf of his GOP colleagues without holding a show-vote on the House floor. But, Speaker Ryan and the 234 Republicans — or, Trumplicans, since it’s Trump dictating the GOP’s immigration platform now, and they are willfully falling in line — are more interested in stunts.