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More Than 20 Arrested Outside White House Protesting Unjust Deportations

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On Presidents’ Day yesterday, some two dozen religious leaders, advocates, and immigrants were arrested for an act of civil disobedience outside the White House, where they were protesting against President Obama and his unjust record of deportations.  Sometime next month, Obama will preside over his 2 millionth deportation, and he is on track to deport more immigrants than any other president ever.

The action was led by the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, which earlier this month filed a new rulemaking petition asking Obama to stop the deportations.  The action included Pilar Molina whose husband is on hunger strike at a detention center in Norristown, Pennsylvania and Hermina Gallegos from Phoenix, Arizona where families and detainees are refusing to eat until their loved ones are released from extended detention.

View the pictures from yesterday, from the United Methodist News Service, or watch this clip from the Rachel Maddow show (begins at 4:35):