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Mitt Romney Runs (but Can’t Hide) From DREAMers

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After leaving Miami Dade College yesterday following his interview with Univision’s Jorge Ramos, Romney went on to an event at the historical Freedom Tower where he spoke to Cuban-Americans about US-Cuba relations and his support for the Cuban community.  Obviously, immigration was not discussed at this event.

Not surprisingly, some insistent DREAMers were waiting for Romney outside of this event, chanting “Education Not Deportation”.  Check out the video here: 

Shortly after the forum, we were able to get reactions from Miami Dade College students, as well as from Lucy — the DREAMer in NY who was able to confront Romney at a fundraising event — and other DREAMers, who were waiting outside to ask why Romney won’t support their DREAMs. Watch some of their reactions here:

Romney once again chose to walk past them and not give them the time of day.

View pictures of the day’s events here.