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Michelle Obama Tells Cristina Saralegui Why Latinos Need to Vote: "So Much is At Stake"

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The same day that the Des Moines Register released previously off-the-record comments from President Obama recognizing the importance of the Latino vote and promising that he will prioritize immigration reform if he is reelected–his campaign released this television and radio ad from Michelle Obama encouraging Latinos to turn out and vote.

Watch the ad below:

In the ad, popular Spanish-language talk show host, Obama endorser, and DNC speaker Cristina Saralegui asks the First Lady, “why is it so important for Latinos to vote in this election?”

“So much is at stake,” Michelle Obama replies in English (there are subtitles in Spanish), “comprehensive immigration reform, making sure that health care is not repealed, education, making sure that every young person in this country has access to good schools.  I could go on and on, but that’s why the vote is critical.”

Latino Decisions’ tracking poll this week predicts that Latino voters will support Obama over Romney by a three to one margin (74% to 26%), and has found Latino voter enthusiasm significantly up over the last few months.  The Obama campaign is counting on these Latino voters to turn out, especially in states like Colorado, Florida, Nevada, Ohio, and Florida–where the First Lady’s ad will be playing.

Michelle Obama’s ad follows the President’s own Spanish-language ad, in which he speaks Spanish for 30 seconds and applauds the DREAMers: