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Mental Health Discussed in Closing Remarks of DREAM Graduation

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During the closing remarks of the DREAM Act mock graduation ceremony on June 26, 2012, I heard for the first time a real emphasis on the mental health concerns of DREAMers. The student delivering the remarks spoke about Yanelli Serrano Hernandez, an undocumented youth who attempted suicide while being held in a detention center, and how Undocuhealth , a project out of the National Immigrant Youth Alliance was addressing the mental health needs of undocumented youth.  I was proud to hear that the issue of mental health was brought up to a crowd of DREAMers, parents, and allies because it showed that the stigma surrounding mental health and undocumented youth was being tackled head on by DREAMers themselves. By sending a direct message to DREAMers that it is OK to be sad, to write about it, and to seek help, the DREAM community is taking care of its own.

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