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Memo to RNC: Romney's Views on Immigration Are Extremely Clear — and Extreme

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Today, the Republican National Committee’s Hispanic Outreach Director, Bettina Inclan, caused quite a stir by stating that Mitt Romney hasn’t yet decided his positions on immigration: 

“As a candidate, to my understanding, he’s still deciding what his position on immigration is,” said Bettina Inclan, the RNC’s director of Hispanic outreach.

Inclan was speaking at an RNC event unveiling six new regional staffers who will direct Hispanic outreach in swing states. But asked how the RNC will speak with Hispanic voters about immigration, Inclan said she couldn’t speak about what policies GOP candidates would put forth.

“He’s talked about different issues,” she said of Romney. “There’s a very diverse opinion on how to deal with immigration.”

Inclan’s colleagues at the RNC immediately tried to walk back those comments — and they should. His positions are extremely clear — and extreme. Here’s what Inclan needs to know:

Mitt Romney would veto the DREAM Act.

Mitt Romney supports self-deportation.

Mitt Romney thinks SB 1070 is a model for the nation.

Throw in his ties to Kris Kobach and Russell Pearce, among others, and it’s pretty clear where Mitt Romney stands.

Our Executive Director here at America’s Voice, Frank Sharry, put it like this:

I can understand why the RNC would want to cover-up Mitt Romney’s anti-immigrant record. But Romney decided a long time ago to make immigrant-bashing the centerpiece of his campaign.  And he’s going to have to run on his opposition to DREAM and support for self-deportation. He can’t etch-a-sketch that away.