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Markos: “Zero Opening” for the GOP with Latino Voters

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markosAt DailyKos, Markos Moulitsas looked at the polling numbers on Latinos and the presidential candidate. He sees “zero opening” for the GOP when it comes to attracting Latino voters. None whatsoever. 

Let’s look at the data. Well, data that doesn’t come from conservative propaganda outfits.

Washington Post national poll, December 28, 2011:

Obama 68
Romney 23

ImpreMedia/Latino Decisions, 9/30-10/9:

Obama 61
Generic Republican 17

PPP, 9/30:

Obama 67
Romney 29

The bottom line? Latinos may be disappointed in the lack of progress on immigration reform the last few years. But they saw who voted against the DREAM Act in Congress, and they see who is still campaigning against the DREAM Act. They see who is demagoguing Mexico and kowtowing to the notorious Latino-hating Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and they see who is passing anti-immigrant laws in places like Arizona and Alabama. They know that Romney wants to make things so miserable for undocumented immigrants that they “self-deport.”

There may be disappointment in Obama and the Democratic Party among Latinos, but no matter what Politico is smoking, there is zero opening for Republicans with this key, growing, demographic.