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TWEETS: The Longest Government Shutdown Ever is Over

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…for now. Can we never do this again?

After 35 days of the longest-running government shutdown ever, Donald Trump today agreed to reopen the government for three weeks, which will be long enough to pay government workers.

It has been a disaster of a shutdown: some 800,000 government workers have not been paid in over a month, with many of them being forced to work with no pay the entire time. Flights were delayed and airports nearly closed after TSA and air traffic controllers called in sick, food inspections were curtailed, border security and international diplomacy were made less effective due to lack of funds, nutritional services were threatened, national parks were left in disarray, couples were unable to obtain marriage licenses….the list goes on an on.

Commentators have been pointing out how much nothing Trump has gotten for all this trouble, how Trump could’ve gotten the exact same results if he hadn’t listened to Ann Coulter a month ago, how federal workers and contractors must be paid immediately, and how we should definitely not go down this path again after the current funding runs out in three weeks. Check out some of our favorite tweets following the breaking news today: