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Latest Research 2000 Poll Reveals “Gaudy” Level of Support for Immigration Reform, Near 80%

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Via Kos in “The overwhelming support of immigration reform:”

Does the country agree on anything else, the way they agree on immigration?

Research 2000 for Daily Kos. 5/3-6. Registered voters. MoE 2.8% (7/6-9/2009 results)

Do you favor or oppose Congress passing comprehensive immigration reform?

Favor 78 (69)
Oppose 15 (25)

One version of immigration reform that people have discussed would do the following if passed into law; it would secure the border, crack down on employers who hire illegal immigrants, require illegal immigrants to register for legal immigration status, pay back taxes, and learn English in order to be eligible for U.S. citizenship. Do you favor or oppose Congress passing this version of immigration reform?

Favor 81 (74)
Oppose 14 (18)

These numbers are impressive, but they are hardly surprising, given how hungry voters across the political spectrum are for real solutions on immigration (they are tired of politicians looking to score cheap political points by flogging the issue, instead of dealing with illegal immigration in a firm but fair manner). A roundup of recent polling by America’s Voice shows consistent support across party lines.

Kos continues by pointing out how “gaudy” the level of support is (love it):

The numbers were gaudy last June, and they’ve only gotten gaudier since. There is near-universal support, and it cuts across all lines. In fact, independents (85/12) are more likely to support comprehensive immigration reform than even Democrats (79/16). Republicans are just a hair behind (77/14). Support is strong across all age, race, and geographic groups.

There is no reason to delay immigration reform past this year. The vocal outrage of a xenophobic minority isn’t reason to thwart the will of the American people on this issue, and it’s certainly the right thing to do policy-wise, and morally. In fact, Arizona seems to have lit a fire under people, making reform even more popular than before. EVERYONE wants action.

There’s no reason to wait.

So there you have it, comprehensive immigration reform: pushing the envelope on gaudy. Politicians, waiting at their political (not to mention moral, policy) peril.

The question is, where’s the courage to lead?