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PHOTOS: Advocates Arrested in Sen. Heller (R-NV)’s Office Calling for Dream Act

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Yesterday, advocates with United We Dream staged an act of civil disobedience in Sen. Dean Heller (R-NV)’s Washington, DC office, during which 11 activists were arrested after they refused to leave.

Though Heller has supported the Dream Act — and broader immigration reform before — he has not been clear about his position on this year’s Dream Act, and advocates are calling on him to be a leader for the bill.

As Adrian Reyna, Director of Membership for United We Dream said in a statement:

More than 34,000 young people would qualify for the Dream Act in Nevada – Senator Dean Heller’s state – and more than 13,000 are protected by DACA. Most people support the Dream Act but Heller has yet to commit to passing the Dream Act by the end of the year to protect them.

Immigrant youth are in the fight for their lives and need a Dream Act by the end of this year and need Senator Heller to commit to make that happen. So far, he’s only delivered nice talk and delays. If Senator Heller is serious about protecting immigrant youth, he needs to co-sponsor the Dream Act now and push for it to pass by December 22nd.

Earlier in the day, United We Dream unveiled a giant Jumbotron — which they called the DreamActTron — on the National Mall, which will display Dreamer stories and messages for Congress to see every day for the rest of the year.

View livestream and photos of the demonstration in Sen. Heller’s office, below: