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Koch-funded Group, LIBRE, Trying to Woo Latinos for GOP

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As the recent FOX News Latino poll showed, Republicans are in serious trouble with Latinos. Serious trouble — as in losing to Obama by a six-to-one-margin trouble. And they’re looking for ways to dig themselves out of that ditch. So, it caught our attention when we learned that a group called the LIBRE Initiative is releasing a new poll:

On Tuesday, April 10, 2012 The LIBRE Initiative (LIBRE) will announce key findings of a new national Hispanic Poll in Miami, FL. The key findings will be presented by LIBRE’s Executive Director, Daniel Garza and LIBRE’s National Coordinator, Jose Mallea. The release of the poll will be followed by a panel discussion and press

Here’s what everyone needs to know about LIBRE, via The Center for Public Integrity:

Eyeing potentially restive Hispanic voters in 2012, GOP operative Dan Garza is launching an “economic freedom” message campaign aimed at Latinos, and hiring big name business and religious figures to help in key states.

Garza told iWatch News he hopes to raise $1 million by the end of 2011 for his campaign, dubbed the Libre Initiative, which will tout such core Republican values as less economic and business regulation. Among the big name donors he has approached are “representatives of the Koch family,” said Garza, who worked in the White House’s public liaison office under George W. Bush and then did stints with Spanish language media. Garza declined to say, however, whether Koch interests have committed any funds yet to the initiative, a 501 (c) (4) which is permitted to keep donors names secret.

Two GOP operatives familiar with the initiative say Garza told them he has already secured commitments for about $1 million — including funds from Koch family interests.

Yes, the Kochs have set their sights on Latino voters — and, today, we’ll see some of the results of their investment.