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Jorge Ramos Goes on Colbert Report, Leaves Colbert Speechless

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The last time we saw Jorge Ramos, he was earning serious street cred grilling Mitt Romney and Barack Obama  about their respective immigration policies and immigration missteps, asking Romney not once but four times what he would do with Obama’s program to grant temporary relief to DREAMers.

Last night Ramos went on the Colbert Report, engaging on immigration and eventually leaving Colbert speechless.

“They are criminals,” Colbert said about undocumented immigrants.  “They are illegals.  They’re criminals, they broke the law.  You know the law?  You break the law, you’re a criminal.”

“There are millions of Americans who benefit from their work,” Ramos shot back, “and there are thousands of American companies that hire them, and you don’t call them illegal.  We have to talk about co-responsibility.  Yes, [immigrants] are here, but they are here because we’re hiring them, and we benefit from their work.”

After a pause, Colbert said, “I don’t have a comeback for that, so we’re probably going to edit it out of the interview.”

Watch the segment here: