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Join the Digital Day of Action To Demand A Vote On Immigration Reform

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America’s Voice is joining the Digital Day of Action to Demand a vote on immigration reform.

Here’s the email we just sent to our list:

Right now we have a huge opportunity in the House — H.R. 15, an immigration bill with a pathway to citizenship for millions. Today it has the bipartisan support needed to pass, but Speaker John Boehner won’t let it come to the floor for a vote. But here’s the good news: We have the power to override him!

We’ve been pressuring both Democrats and Republicans to cosponsor H.R 15, and now we have 190 House members onboard. Three of them are Republicans, and more are vowing support.  We know that as long as we keep up the pressure and keep demanding House members cosponsor H.R. 15,  we can get to the magic number of 218 and force Speaker Boehner into action!

So today, advocates all across the country are staging a Digital Day of Action. We’re flooding the computers and phones of House members with our message: We’re #Ready4Reform and we’re not going anywhere until we get H.R. 15 a vote!

Add your voice by participating in today’s Digital Day of Action — tweet your member of Congress and tell them we’re #Ready4Reform! It’s as simple as a few clicks!

H.R. 15 has the bipartisan support to pass, but Speaker Boehner is standing in the way of a vote. We know that if we keep pressuring House members to join this bill, we can reach 218 and get it past him to the floor. Public pressure from you is what got our first three Republicans on board — we can’t stop now!

That’s why we need you to join this Digital Day of Action and tell your House member that we’re #Ready4Reform. House members read their tweets and can’t miss our messages. In fact, tweeting is one of the fastest and easiest ways of reaching our elected officials. And, best of all, it amplifies our community’s voice!

Click here to participate in today’s Digital Day of Action and tweet your House member. Tell them we’re #Ready4Reform and we won’t stop until we get our vote on H.R. 15!

Thanks for all you do,

Gabe Ortiz

America’s Voice

P.S.: Even if you don’t use Twitter, you can still be a part of today’s actions. Call 866-584-0896 and tell Speaker Boehner that the time is now for immigration reform! Let H.R. 15, the House immigration bill with a pathway to citizenship, come to a vote!