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Is the Discharge Petition Back As A Strategy in the House?

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Between the number of Democrats in the House and the number of Republicans who support a path to citizenship, there have long been enough votes to pass immigration reform through the House.  The trick has just been getting Speaker Boehner to give the issue a vote — just like he gave the debt ceiling a vote this week even though less than a majority of his caucus was onboard.

This week, the discharge petition — which would force Boehner’s hand on that vote — is back on the news.  Here’s what Sen. Chuck Schumer said in a statement today to the New York Times:

The idea that’s begun circulating, to do a discharge petition on immigration reform in the House, is a good one and I would urge House Democrats to take it up.  It’s clear a majority of the House supports immigration reform. A minority faction has scared Republicans out of acting even though large parts of the Republican base, including business and religious groups, support the bill, making a discharge petition an appropriate remedy.

And here’s Ed O’Keefe, the Washington Post Congressional reporter, tweeting about what the House Democrats are considering:

It’s like what we and all of these other commentators have been saying.  Republicans have an opportunity to take action on immigration reform this year.  If they don’t, President Obama — or Nancy Pelosi — will.