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Immigration Officials in Georgia Threaten to Drug and Deport Rwandan Refugee, Andy Mathe

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Andy Mathe is fighting the fight of his life. He could literally be deported at any moment.

Andy’s father is a Rwandan refugee.  Four years ago in Rwanda, Andy’s family started receiving death threats. Someone even tried to kidnap Andy’s younger sister.  Soon after, Andy’s father brought the family to America to find safety, but now immigration officials in Georgia want to send Andy back. In a video message, Andy’s brother, Malcom, tells his family’s story:

ICE officers in Georgia are intent on trying to remove Andy, having now tried to deport him twice. At one point, he was even forced to board a plane back to South Africa, but thanks to the help of some flight attendants and a pilot unwilling to “take someone against their will,” Andy managed to get off the plane.

That’s not the worst part of the story.  Authorities in Georgia could try to deport Andy again — they’ve even threatened to drug him so he can’t ask for help.

We are determined to keep Andy here, where he is safe, but he and his family could really use some help right now. Please take action now to prevent this family from being broken apart, and sign this petition.

We need thousands of people on board to keep the Mathe family safe.  Help us get the word out by signing the petition, sharing it on facebook, and tweeting it to your followers. Let’s make sure that immigration officials in Washington get the message loud and clear.