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Immigration Reform News Today / Qué Pasa En Inmigración, November 17, 2015

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English (en español al final de la página):

The Gazette: Presidential candidates forming their immigration policies
By Erin Murphy

TV Newsroom: Donald Trump Blasted As ‘Immigrant Bashing Carnival Barker’ By Martin O’Malley

Wireless Goodness: Hosted ‘Saturday Night Live’ draws 9.3 million viewers
By Annie Stokes

Reuters: U.S. Republicans seek to shut door on Syrian refugees after Paris
By Scott Malone

New York Times: Donald Trump Repeats Call to Inspect Mosques for Signs of Terrorism
By Alan Rappeport

Washington Post: Rand Paul introduces bill to bar refugees from Syria, subject French citizens to waiting period
By David Weigel

Washington Post: Jeb Bush on CIR Preventing Paris-Style Attacks

PolitiFact: Jeb Bush: ‘It takes almost a year for a refugee to be processed in the United States’
By Linda Qiu

New York Times: John Kasich Shifts His Stand on Accepting Refugees
By Alan Rappeport

The Hill: Ryan requests full briefing on Paris attacks
By Cristina Marcos

Huffington Post: GOP Ups Threats To Halt Syrian Refugees After Paris Attacks
By Laura Barron-Lopez

Politico: Syrian refugee fight sparks government shutdown threat
By Seung Min Kim, Burgess Everett and Jake Sherman

Reuters: Key House lawmakers calls on Obama to suspend Syrian immigration plans
By Jonathan Ernst

Roll Call: Refugee Funding In Doubt After Paris Attacks
By Rachel Oswald

Boston Globe: Maggie Hassan is first Democratic governor to call for complete halt of Syrian refugees coming to U.S.
By Nik DeCosta-Klipa

Huffington Post: Here’s A Running Tally Of The Governors Who Want To Reject Syrian Refugees
By Elise Foley

New York Times: G.O.P. Governors Vow to Close Doors to Syrian Refugees
By Patrick Healy and Julie Bosman

The Atlantic: Republican Governors Refuse Syrian Refugees
By David Graham

USA Today: After attacks in Paris, governors refuse to accept Syrian refugees
By Mary Troyan

Washington Post (The Fix): Can states actually prevent Syrian refugees from settling there? And can we admit only Christians?
By Phillip Bump

USA Today: Governors have little power to block refugees
By Gregory Korte

ThinkProgress: No, State Governors Can’t Refuse To Accept Syrian Refugees
By Ian Millhiser

Financial Times: Obama criticises Republicans’ anti-migrants stance
By Demetri Sevastopulo and Barney Jopso

Los Angeles Times: Obama: Religious test like the one Ted Cruz wants for refugees is ‘shameful’
By Christi Parsons

Roll Call: O’Malley Finds Voice on Foreign Policy After Paris Attacks
By Eli Yokley

Politico: Sanders: We will not turn our backs on Syrian refugees
By Nick Gass

Talking Points Memo: Condoleezza Rice: I Get The Security Concerns, But The US Should Accept Refugees
By Sara Jerde

Mediaite: Fox’s Shep Smith Tears Into ‘Political Extremists’ Refusing Refugees: This Isn’t Who We Are
By Andrew Desiderio

NBC: Young American Killed in Paris Was Proud First-Gen Mexican American
By Sandra Lilley

The Hill: Steve King backs Cruz for 2016
By Ben Kamisar

Dallas Morning News: Ted Cruz wins endorsement from influential Iowa congressman
By Sylvia Lane

Bloomberg: Steve King Predicts Iowa Caucus Landscape Will Change Post Paris
By John McCormick

Politicker NJ: Christie on Drivers’ Licenses for Undocumenteds: ‘Dangerous and Irresponsible’
By Max Pizarro

Roll Call: Poll Shows GOP Focused on Terrorism, Democrats on the Economy
By Warren Rojas

Associated Press: Salvadoran Teens Reunite With Parents Under US Program

Texas Tribune (Texas): UT/TT Poll: Texans Say Immigration, Terror Are Greatest Threats to U.S.
By Ross Ramsey

Los Angeles Times (California): Sacramento County sheriff launches bid for Congress, slams Obama immigration efforts
By John Myers

Mass Live (Massachusetts): IIlegal immigrants order set for Holyoke Council committee discussion
By Mike Plaisance

New York Times (Editorial): After Paris Attacks, Vilifying Refugees

Wall Street Journal (Editorial): A Syrian Refugee Lesson for Liberals

Washington Post (Opinion): Republicans’ xenophobic bidding war
By Dana Milbank

Wall Street Journal (Opinion): Why Closing Borders to Syrian Refugees Won’t Stem Terrorist Threats
By Richard Fontaine

New York Magazine (Opinion): The Return of Republican Islamophobia
By Jonathan Chait

Forward (Opinion): In Aftermath of Paris Attacks, a Lesson from the Holocaust
By Rex Brynen

The Week (Opinion): 4 dangerous falsehoods Donald Trump is peddling on trade and immigration
By Shika Dalmia

Huffington Post (Blog): Immigration Is the Single Greatest Thing to Happen to This Country
By Wilmer Valderrama

The Hill (Blog): Decision on Obama’s immigration order is politically motivated
By Raul Reyes

Dallas Morning News (Texas—Opinion): Tough talk on immigration is popular now but could hurt GOP next November
By Gromer Jeffers

En español:

Líderes republicanos se oponen a la entrada de refugiados sirios
El Diario-La Prensa (Impremedia)

Terror en París: separando la paja del trigo
Maribel Hastings

Atentados en París desatan nuevo debate sobre refugiados sirios

La rebelión de gobernadores republicanos que se oponen a aceptar refugiados sirios

Obama critica a Bush y Cruz por pedir recibir sólo refugiados cristianos sirios (Video)

Obama: “Cerrar la puerta a refugiados sería una traición a nuestros valores”
EFE/Yahoo Noticias

Ataques de ISIS en París podrían cambiar el rumbo de la elección en EEUU
CNN en Español

Trump liga a refugiados sirios con los atentados en París; critica control de armas (Video)
EFE/La Opinión

Trump dice que sopesaría cerrar ciertas mezquitas
AP/El Nuevo Herald

Trump consideraría cerrar mezquitas y pide atacar fuentes de financiación del EI
EFE/Yahoo Noticias

Ted Cruz presenta agresivo plan antiinmigrante
Notimex/Univision 23 (Dallas, TX)

Ted Cruz intentará someter a voto medida para castigar reingreso ilegal en EEUU
La Opinión/Impremedia

Precandidato Carson propone reducir inmigración ilegal
AP/Yahoo Noticias

Jeb Bush y otros precandidatos republicanos apoyan más tropas para combatir a Estado Islámico
Reuters/Yahoo Noticias

Mitt Romney no quiere ser candidato del Partido Republicano para las elecciones del 2016

Recuerdan a Nohemí González, la latina de California que murió en París
Noticiero Univision

Padres recuerdan a hija fallecida en atentados en París
Noticiero Telemundo

Masivo adiós a estudiante hispana muerta en París
AP/El Nuevo Herald

Centenares de personas recuerdan a estudiante muerta en ataque en París
EFE/Yahoo Noticias

No hay que cerrar las puertas
La Opinión/Impremedia

¿Soy periodista o activista?
Jorge Ramos/Univision.com

El dilema de la cuestión migratoria
Guillermo I. Martínez/La Opinión

La culpa no es de los musulmanes
Jorge Delgado/La Opinión

Frente a la barbarie del Estado Islámico
El Nuevo Herald

Activistas prometen seguir luchando por alivios migratorios
La Opinión/Impremedia

Frontera con México “alerta” por llegada masiva de cubanos
La Opinión/Impremedia

Sin voto latino fuerte, seguirá la apatía en el Congreso
La Opinión/Impremedia

Protestan por exoneración de cargos a agentes de la Patrulla Fronteriza por muerte de mexicano
EFE/La Opinión

Paso de migrantes cubanos desata tensiones entre Costa Rica y Nicaragua
AFP/El Nuevo Herald

Cientos marchan en apoyo a licencias para inmigrantes
AP/Yahoo Noticias

Quieren ser ciudadanos estadounidenses tras 26 años en el país
La Opinión/Impremedia