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Immigration Reform News Today / Qué Pasa En Inmigración, January 13, 2017

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English (en español al final de la página):

Time: Dreamers Face Uncertain Future After Confirmation Hearings
By Maya Rhodan

Remezcla: A Look At Attorney General Appointee Jeff Sessions’ Long History of Hostility Toward Latinos

Washington Post: Fearing Trump, lawmakers try to help ‘dreamers’ stay in the United States
By Karoun Demirjian

The Hill: Graham, Durbin reintroduce bill to protect Dreamers
By Jordain Carney

El Paso Times: El Paso leaders urge immigration unity, support
By Lorena Figueroa

East Bay Times: Pittsburg schools make themselves immigration ‘safe haven’
By Sam Richards

Danbury News Times: Immigration rally scheduled for Sunday
By Carolina Bortolleto

Cincinnati.com: Programs to help immigrants, refugees to grow in 2017
By Mark Curnutte

Harvard Crimson: Immigration Law Experts Advise Undocumented Students
By Derek G. Xiao

Associated Press: Ryan says GOP, Trump working on solution for immigrant kids
By Erica Werner

Washington Post: Deportation force is ‘not happening,’ Paul Ryan tells undocumented family
By Mike DeBonis

The Hill: Ryan assures Dreamer she won’t be deported
By Nikita Vladimirov

The Hill: Ryan on Trump’s mass deportation plan: ‘It’s not happening’
By Paulina Firozi

Associated Press: Obama making changes to Cuban immigration policy
By Alicia A. Caldwell and Julie Pace

Associated Press: Havana hails end to special US immigration policy for Cubans
By Andrea Rodriguez, Alicia A. Caldwell and Julie Pace |

New York Times: White House to End Exemption for Cubans Who Arrive Without Visas
By Julie Hirschfeld Davis

Reuters: Obama Ending Special Immigration Policy for Cubans: Sources
By Patricia Zengerle and Eric Beech

Reuters: Cubans on Road to U.S. Distraught About Newly Closed Border
By Elida Moreno, Gustavo Palencia, and Nelson Renteria

Washington Post: Obama ending ‘wet-foot, dry-foot’ policy allowing Cubans reaching U.S. soil to stay and receive residency
By Karen DeYoung

Wall Street Journal: U.S. Ends ‘No-Visa’ Era for Cuban Émigrés
By Carol E. Lee and Felicia Schwartz

Politico: Obama to scrap longstanding ‘wet foot, dry foot’ policy for Cubans
By Sergio Bustos

Politico: Obama’s shift on Cuban immigrants could put Trump in a bind
By Sarah Wheaton

The Hill: Obama will end ‘wet foot, dry foot’ policy for fleeing Cubans
By Ben Kamisar

Huffington Post: Obama To End Automatic Residency For Cuban Migrants
By Roque Planas

Miami Herald: Obama ends controversial policy that allowed Cubans to enter U.S. without visas
By Mimi Whitefield

Miami Herald: These were the last Cubans to enter the U.S. as wet foot, dry foot policy ended
By Franco Ordonez

Miami Herald: Just feet from U.S. border, Cubans ponder the end of their dream
By Franco Ordonez

Politico: Trump’s border bet
By Ted Hesson

CNBC: Trump’s tough stance on Mexican jobs could make more immigrants move to USA
By John W. Schoen

Associated Press: Lie detectors trip applicants at border agency
By Elliot Spagat

Washington Post: Nation’s first Latina senator: GOP congressman’s claims of Mexican election influence are ‘immature’
By Ed O’Keefe

Washington Post (Washington DC): 200 buses have applied for city parking on Inauguration Day. 1,200 have applied for the Women’s March.
By Perry Stein

LA Weekly (California): L.A. Sheriff Breaks His Silence on Immigration Enforcement
By Dennis Romero

Wall Street Journal (Editorial): Trump’s Immigration Chance

New York Times (Op-Ed): Forget a Wall. There’s a Better Way to Secure the Border.
By Stephen R. Kelly

New York Daily News (Op-Ed): No, Trump didn’t do surprisingly well among Latino voters: Let’s once and for all dispense with that exit-poll-based fiction
By Sergio Garcia-Rios and Tyler Reny

Huffington Post (Op-Ed): Immigration: The Other Predators
By Laura Murray-Tjan

The Hill (Op-Ed): Who cares who pays? Not having Trump’s wall already costs us big
By Joseph Borelli

En español:

EEUU elimina la política de ‘pies secos, pies mojados’ que ampara a los cubanos que tocan suelo estadounidense

Obama elimina beneficios migratorios a los cubanos
Noticiero Telemundo

Obama pone fin a política migratoria que favorecía a cubanos
La Opinión

Obama pone fin a la política de “pies secos, pies mojados” (Video)
CNN en Español

¿Qué cambia y qué queda de la Ley de Ajuste Cubano? (Video)
CNN en Español

Comunidad cubana de Miami reacciona al fin de “pies secos, pies mojados” (Video)
CNN en Español

EEUU cierra un capítulo y elimina capítulo especial de residencia para cubanos
AFP/Yahoo Noticias

Obama se despide eliminando el trato preferencial a los inmigrantes cubanos
El Nuevo Herald

Los cubanos, divididos ante derogación de política “pies secos/pies mojados”
EFE Noticias/Yahoo Noticias

Grupo bipartidista presenta nuevo proyecto de ley para extender protección a los Dreamers

Legisladores buscan proteger Dreamers otros tres años
El Nuevo Herald

Legisladores demócratas y republicanos presentan extensión de 3 años para ‘Dacamentados’
La Opinión

La cruzada de Vicente Fox contra Trump en Twitter: “Estamos ante una nueva era de dictadura”

Despiden a trabajadores que construían la planta que Ford canceló en México (Video)
Noticiero Univision

El poder de Jeff Sessions para perjudicar a los inmigrantes crecerá inmensamente como procurador, señalan activistas
La Opinión

¿Por qué Obama pone fin a pies secos/pies mojados?
El Nuevo Herald/Editorial

Albergues en Tijuana se preparan para la posible llegada masiva de deportados (Video)
Noticiero Univision

Nueva ley protegerá a empleadas domésticas en EEUU (Video)
Noticiero Telemundo

Acusan a agentes fronterizos de Arizona de ocultar video sobre posibles abusos en detenciones (Video)
Noticero Univision

“Tengo TPS y me casé con una ciudadana, ¿puedo pedir la residencia?”