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Immigration Reform News February 20, 2024

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Politico The White House plan for the Mayorkas impeachment: Ignore the drama, outsource the fight
By Myah Ward
February 17, 2024

FOX News California Democrat laments what Suozzi victory means for the party’s immigration stance: ‘Piñata’ issue
By Hanna Panreck
February 19, 2024

Washington Times Border chaos peels Black voters from Biden, pollster says
By Stephen Dinan
February 16, 2024

Axios Biden’s reset moment
By Mike Allen , Alex Thompson
February 16, 2024

NBC News Progressives are uneasy with Democrats tilting right on immigration after N.Y. race
By Sahil Kapur
February 16, 2024

AP Biden’s rightward shift on immigration angers advocates. But it’s resonating with many Democrats
February 17, 2024

Chicago Sun Times To trace the origins of busing migrants to Chicago, start with Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson and Ted Cruz
By Frank Main and Tina Sfondeles
February 16, 2024

Houston Chronicle Federal judge raises doubts about SB4, the Texas migrant deportation law
By Taylor Goldenstein, Benjamin Wermund
February 15, 2024

News Nation Texas’ Abbott unveils military base amid border fight with Biden
By Ali Bradley
February 19, 2024

Esquire (Opinion) Greg Abbott Thinks Texas Should Have Its Own Foreign Policy
By Charles S Pierce
February 19, 2024